Looking at the ApMtn calendar for next week, the Names of the Day cupboard is bare after Sunday.

So help us out … post a name, and we’ll use it next week.

Thanks in advance for all of your creative and thoughtful ideas!

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  1. Another, I forgot to mention, I’ve slotted Payton for 10/22. Technically, it’s a boy’s slot, but hey – this one really does seem to be gender neutral.

    On your observation that Peyton and Nevaeh go together, there’s a Bratz Twins doll set where the girls are indeed known by those two names. Here’s a link to a Flickr photo, should you doubt: https://flickr.com/photos/14519050@N04/2614299906/

    But really, they’re Bratz dolls – they make Barbie look super classy.

  2. Hey Verity. Can you take a look at Peyton/Payton – masc or fem? I’d like to know where this came from and when i started exploding. I’m utterly sick of it, to be honest, and really only associate the F with Rebecca DeMornay, but am curious how this happened – especially since it rhymes with Satan and most of the gals who love Payton tend to love Nevaeh…

  3. Hey, your post on Orla reminded me of a woman I knew growing up named Ora. Thinking of her made me think of someone else we both knew – Aviva. Would you look up these two names?

  4. Happily! I was going to do Xiomara on that day, but I’ll move her to 10/18 and celebrate Ethan on his birthday.

    Ethan was a finalist for my baby brother’s name in 1984, along with Evan, but he got a family name instead. (And, in my family’s unstoppable tradition, we call him by a nickname anyhow.)