Looking at the ApMtn calendar for next week, the Names of the Day cupboard is bare after Sunday.

So help us out … post a name, and we’ll use it next week.

Thanks in advance for all of your creative and thoughtful ideas!

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  1. Faye … that’s an interesting idea. She’s on the calendar for 10/15. As for Gay … I think it’s dead, at least for the next few decades.

    BTW, I’ve hit a brick wall with Luzanna, even in the moldy old naming resources that usually give me some clue. I have a few theories, but my rule of thumb is that I have to see the actual spelling associated with a meaning, not just take a guess. I’m not done looking, but I’m still not putting her on the calendar … for fear I’ll have nothing to say when her day rolls around!

  2. Verity – I just came across a suggestion for Faye as a middle name. What do you think of Fay or Faye as a NotD? It’s not too common anymore. Also, I have a friend whose mother is named Gay – and I have a neighbor named Gay, too. Do you see any chance that this name can come back?

  3. Another, I can’t come up with a decent theory for Luzanna’s origins! I’ll try again tomorrow when I’m in the library and not dependent on my laptop and meager collection of reference materials at home. Luzanna definitely shows up in the historical record, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why – is she a slurred version of Louisiana? Or a variation of Lucianna? Intriguing … if I can find anything to write, I’ll put her on the calendar.

    As for the boys, thank you and here we go:

    9/28: Wesley
    9/30: Romeo
    10/2: Clayton

    I’ll pick up the other three as well … but now I’m officially behind on girls’ names!

  4. Verity –
    Care to do an article on the -ella phenomenon? How about filler middle names and why they’re so popular?
    I knew a girl named Luzanna. Want to tackle this one for NotD? How about musical names – I love Harmony and Melody, but can’t enjoy Cadence at all. Would you like to share your thoughts?
    As for boys’ names, here are a few that interest me:

  5. AppMtn,
    I’d love to hear the names you are actually considering for your new addition! I think I read somewhere that you’re expecting. Am I correct?

  6. Thanks, Natalie! All are great suggestions.

    I’ve already got Octavia slated for 8/8. 🙂

    We’ll plug the rest in as follows:

    August 21: Leisel – isn’t she one of the Sound of Music Von Trapps?
    August 24: Dexter – how have I not written about Dex as NotD?!
    August 25: Elsa
    August 26: Magnus – is it Will Ferrell that has a Magnus? The name has lots of buzz these days.

    I’ll probably pick up the others, too, but I need to review all of my lists at some point – I fear I’m going to start duplicating!

  7. Some new faves that you might like to consider:
    Girls – Liesel, Elsa, Aurelia, Lydia and Octavia.
    Boys – Magnus, Cornelius, Dexter and Dorian.

  8. Thanks, Jess!

    We’ve done Otis and Ottilie, so I’ll have to pass on Otto for the moment – I love him, but I feel like I’d rehash where I’ve recently been. But Orrin! That’s a new one. I’ve known someone by that name, but I think he was Oren … I know nothing about it, but check back on August 6 and he’ll be Name of the Day.

    I’ve been thinking about Annika. She’ll be August 13. And Mallory – such a lovely sound, but can she overcome her meaning? Let’s make her August 15.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  9. Perhaps you’d be interested in exploring a few of these:

    and O boy names:

  10. Wahoo – great names, thank you!

    We’ll raid the spice cabinet for Basil on July 11 and take on Callum on July 13.