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There’s no Baby Name of the Day post today, and normally I’d just link up to a bunch of the best holiday-inspired baby name posts in Sunday’s Summary.

But then I spotted Nameberry’s cool Thanksgiving Baby Names post, complete with slideshow.

And I remembered this post, from last year’s holiday.

So I’m asking: if you had to name a baby today, and you absolutely had to incorporate the holiday your child’s name, what would you choose?

Feel free to play along even if you’re not in the US … actually, you’ll probably have more free time.

I’ll choose a handful and run a poll in the Sunday Summary so we can vote for our favorite.  Winner gets bragging rights!

So bring ’em on: girl or boy, what would you name a Thanksgiving-born child?  MercyMyles?  Tom?  I can’t wait to read the comments!

NOTE:  I’ve closed comments, since the polls are already up in this week’s Sunday Summary.  Feel free to leave another idea there – and vote!

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