Halloween Baby Names Contest Opening Round 2018: Harry Potter Last year, we kicked off our first-ever Great Halloween Baby Names contest. This year, it’s back! Welcome to the Great Halloween Baby Names 2018 Opening Round: Harry Potter edition.

That’s right, this year, all of our names are drawn from the witches and wizards that we know and love from the original seven-books series. (Sorry, Delphini and Credence.)

We’ll narrow down the names from this post to choose our favorite witch and wizard names. A note: they don’t have to be your favorite characters. Villains like Bellatrix and Draco are here, alongside our heroes. And some heroes’ names didn’t make the cut, because out here in the Muggle world, Ron doesn’t seem especially magical, and Albus might be a little too out-there.

The good news: that means you don’t need to know a thing about the series to cast your vote.

Choose your favorite name in each category: Witches and Wizards. The top eight favorites advance to the SemiFinals next week. They’ll face off based on the results of this week’s match. On October 31st, we’ll learn the most popular witch and wizard names, and they’ll share the title of Halloween Baby Name of 2018.

Expecto appellation!

Great Halloween Baby Names 2018 Opening Round: Witches

Vote for your favorite witch name from the Wizarding World. It doesn’t have to be your favorite character – just the name that you love most.


Great Halloween Baby Names 2018 Opening Round: Wizards

Vote for your favorite wizard name from Harry Potter. Again, we’re thinking about our favorite names – not necessarily the character you like best. (Though it’s fine if they happen to be one in the same!)


Please vote for your favorites, and check back next Saturday to see which of your favorites advance to the SemiFinals round.

P.S. Curious about last year’s contest? Check out Witches versus Vampires. Spoiler alert: witches won!

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  1. This is fun! Had a hard time choosing. (Luna is so pretty, but Minerva…!) We do know that Ollivander’s first name is Garrick, right?

    1. Yes! In fact, I had Garrick on an earlier draft of the list. But I’ve been watching my way back through the movies with my daughter – research, obviously – and I can’t recall hearing him called Garrick in the movies. And while it’s in the books, he’s still almost always referred to by his surname. So … Ollivander it is!

      But Garrick is ten kinds of fabulous. Reminds me of Finnick, from The Hunger Games, another name I just plain love …

  2. What a fun contest!
    I did not vote for Hermione even she’s my favorite character by far and in many respects my favorite name as well. In real life that name (in the US) is so closely associated with the character and nothing else that I think it wouldn’t serve a real child as well as some of the other beautiful names.

    1. Yes! Hermione is my favorite character, and I love the name, too. But it’s so tied to the character – at least in my mind – that I’m not sure I could use it IRL.