Halloween baby names 2017The weather keeps getting cooler, days continue to shorten – we’re creeping closer and closer to Halloween!

Thanks to everyone for voting in last week’s Opening Round.

We’ve narrowed it down to your four favorite Witch Names and four favorite Vampire Names.

Now it’s time to whittle that list down to just two! It will take some voting to get there … but you already know all about that. Before we get to that, let’s review our results so far.

Halloween Baby Names 2017 Quarter Finals: The Witches

Eight names of famous fictional witches faced off in our Opening Round. Hermione, Winifred, Thessaly, and Tabitha earned the most votes. That leaves Sabrina, Willow, Piper, and Mildred (Millie) in the dark.

Plenty of the votes came close – Winifred and Tabitha were separated by just three! And early results do not predict the outcome. Lucy took a quick lead, but faded to fifth as the days went by.

Halloween Baby Names 2017 Quarter Finals: The Vampires

Now, on to the vampires! Claudia, Mavis, Esme, and Amelia continue to the Halloween Baby Names 2017 Quarter Finals, while Lucy, Drusilla, Elena, and Sophie-Anne take a seat.

Once again, contests were close. And the early leader for the Vampires – Lucy – also fell to fifth by the time the final votes were counted.

Halloween Baby Names 2017 Quarter Finals: Vote!

This week, we’ll have four contests: the top four witch names face off, and the top four vampire names do the same.

By the time we get to our Finals, we’ll have just one favorite witch name left to battle our top vampire pick.

How to vote? It’s up to you. Vote for your favorite name that just happens to have a spooky namesake. Or let the unforgettable characters persuade you.

Ready, set, vote!

Hermione versus Tabitha

The Harry Potter heroine faces the Bewitched baby. Very different generations and genres, but two great names.

Winifred versus Thessaly

Two more witches, one inspired by a Neil Gaiman novel, and the other by Disney’s Sanderson sisters, compete for your vote.

Claudia versus Amelie

Two gorgeous vampire names make this a tough round! Interview with a Vampire’s chilling child vampire Claudia is up against The Morganville Vampire’s grande dame Amelie.

Mavis versus Esme

The teenaged vampire daughter of Dracula in the Hotel Transylvania series answers to Mavis. Will this comeback name triumph, or do we prefer the name of Twlight’s vampire matriarch, Esme?


Voting stays open until Thursday, October 19th. Check back on Saturday, October 21st to see which names advance to the Halloween Baby Names 2017 SemiFinals!

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