Halloween baby names 2017Time for the Halloween Baby Names 2017 Final!

We’ve narrowed it down to just one wonderful witch name and a single gorgeous vampire appellation.

The big take-away from this contest so far? A beloved character can make us love a name – but not necessarily take it to the top of our favorites list. But even a relatively obscure character can be enough to make us think about a name differently.

Also, I never would have guessed the final two based on where we started way back at the beginning of October.

Let’s review the outcome of last week’s contest, starting with the big witch match-up.

Winifred – as in Hocus Pocus’ Sanderson sister – defeated Hermione, of Harry Potter fame, a solid 55% to 45%. We love the whip-smart witch who helped Harry triumph over evil, but when it comes to names? Winifred is on the upswing, a vintage choice that feels like the new Abigail.

As for vampires, Twilight’s vampire matriarch Esme lost out to the vampire queen of The Morganville Vampires, Amelie. Yes, even though Twilight is arguably the best-known supernatural romance of recent years, while Morganville is much less well known. Once again, this contest comes down to names. Though Amelie only garnered 51% of the vote versus Esme’s respectable 49%. Both names have risen dramatically in popularity over the last decade, so no surprise this contest was close.

And so the Halloween Baby Names Final 2017 comes down to one final contest. Are you more into witch names – vintage, maybe a little bit quirky, but capable and wise. Or do vampire names seem like your style – sleek, elegant, vaguely international.

It’s time for the final match-up: Witches versus Vampires! The winner claims the title of Halloween Baby Name of 2017.

Halloween Baby Names 2017 Final: Winifred versus Amelie

Vote for your favorites, and check back on Tuesday, October 31st – of course! – to find out who claims the title of Halloween Baby Name of 2017.

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