What would you do for a $100 gas card? A pair of parents in Florida agreed to name their baby-to-be Dixon Willoughby, after the radio morning show hosts that posed the question. The baby isn’t due until late December, and the parents have to offer up a copy of the birth certificate before they get the plastic.

It strikes us as sheer madness. Except that we like Dixon far better than Draven or Jayden. And we have a sneaking suspicion that Dixon might be popping up on more birth certificates – even without a free tank of gas or three. He’ll be our Name of the Day on July 27.

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  1. I do see Dixon’s appeal, and I love a three-syllable, ends-in-y name in the middle spot. It’s not a bad choice.

    It’s just a cracked out tale to tell. I can hear a grown-up Dixon fielding polite inquiries, “Oh, is it a family name?” “Yes, actually. Only not my family …”

    Elisabeth, is it possible to devote too much time to thinking about baby names? I’m always dazzled when someone says, “Oh, I’m six months along and we really haven’t thought about it yet.”

  2. I think the name they are expected to use is “Dixon and Willoughby”, the “and” and all! You’d have to pay me a hell of a lot more than $100– What am I talking about? You couldn’t name my child for all the tea in China, but then again, I think about this WAY too much.

  3. Know what? I can see the appeal, Willoughby’s one of my hugest GP boy names. Has been for a good long while. Too surnamey and no family link for me to justify it’s use. Dixon feels like Dexter and Nixon got together, bit appealling to a lot of folks these days. All in all, it could have been a lot worse! and Another, baby name of my choice for golf clubs sounds like a good deal to me! 🙂

  4. I know someone that agreed to name his daughter something he didn’t particularly like when promised a set of golf clubs. Mom got the name she wanted, Dad got the clubs. Strange.