Living with Kids namesConfession: I am mildly obsessed with Design Mom.

Gabrielle Blair is the wildly successful blogger behind Design Mom, all about motherhood from a designer’s perspective. From a two-year stay in the French countryside to the house they’re currently renovating in Oakland, California, she manages to make raising six kids look stylish and almost effortless.

The series that most moves me is her Living with Kids posts. I love looking inside these fabulous homes from all over the world. Design Mom has a knack for showcasing places that are put together on shoestring budgets, in out-of-the-way places, or occupy tiny footprints. Instead of envy, they fill me with a sense of possibility – as if we all have the potential to live in such great spaces.

Does it go without saying that Gabrielle and husband Ben are great namers? There’s Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, Betty, and Flora June – known by her middle.

Plenty of the design-savvy families profiled in the Living with Kid series are, too, and while I love the home tours, I’m always looking out for the great names of the lucky kids that live in these homes.

Here’s a selection of the notable names from house tours over the past few years. Enjoy!

Living with Kids: Singletons


Brennan (g)


Cosmo (mom’s name is Amity!)

Eden (Israel)



Harry (England)

Huxley Wild (b)






Marlowe (g)





Sydney (g)

True (b)


Living with Kids: All-Girl Sibsets

Amelia (Mia) and Julianne (June – one of my favorite contracted names, ever!)

Caroline, Johanna, Ainsleigh, and Annabelle

Chiara and Ines

Cora and Greta

Elena and Tallulah

Evelyn and Wren

Genevieve, Hope-Elizabeth, and Lily

Grace and Jane

Ida and Amy

Karuna and Ora

Layla and Hadley

Lila and Louisa

Lillo and Elsa (Sweden)

Mary Frances (Francie), Mary Marjorie (Maisie), Mary Jane (JJ), Mary Teresa (Tessa)

Miette and Amelie

Miriana, Noa, and Zoe (Italy)

Stella and Hazel

Viola and Elenor (Germany)

Winnie and Pippa (Canada)

Living with Kids: All-Boy Sibsets

August and Liam

Colin and Graham

Grant, Nicholas, and Sebastian

Henry and Conrad

Herbert and Huxi (Denmark)

Jude and Liam

Luke and Charlie

Oscar and Archie

Otto and Max

Riley, Noah, Owen, and Finn Henry

Ross and Ben

Ryder, Bryce, and Finn

Simon and Monty

Sutton and Miller

Tommy and Moses

Vijay and Vikram

Wesley and Chandler

Living with Kids: Sister-Brother Sibsets

Adelaide and Oliver

Alia and Kian

Anton and Naomi

Atticus, Eleanor, and Ike

August, Markus, Peder, Magnus, and Alva (Norway)

Ben, Bo, Jackson, and Lily

Bright (b), Decker John, and Chapel (g) – mom is named Sunshine!

Bryce and Kinsey (g)

Cana (g), Wake (b), and Wren (g)

Charlie and Tessa

Drake, Ella Rose, Duke, and Emmie Kay

Easton (b), Quin (b), Ivy, and Marlowe (g)

Ella, Luke, Liam Brave, and Rocco Royal

Ella, Samuel, William, and Amelia (Dad’s name is Jory!)

Emilia Emanuele and Lucien Michel

Emm (g) and Roan

Esme and Cormac (England)

Ethan and Eden

Ginger and Rad

Gunnar, Sawyer, and Greta

Henrik and Maja

Jackson and Clare

James and Maureen

Katie, Jack, and Madeleine

Kiana, Myla, KJ, and Sela

Lena and Gil

Lucy, Solomon, and Frances

Lula and Diesel

Maelle and Desmond (Canada)

Magnus and Freya (New Zealand – the mom is of Danish heritage)

Måns and Anna (Sweden)

Max and Madde

Meredith and Isaac

Mischa (g), Romy, and Emmett

Mollie Lou and Ryle

Nina and Tor (Kenya)

Ozzie, Espen, Tilly Jane (Matilda), and Griffin William

Parker, Monty, Elliot, and Scarlet Evangeline

Quinn (g) and Bennett

Reese (g) and Finn

Ruby, Herbie, Moses, Linus, Penelope, Archie

Sadie and Eli

Sara, Pim (b), Ava, and Casper (Netherlands)

Shelby, Tristan (g), Mackenzie, and Brett (b)

Sophi, Anna, Stewart, Naomi, and James

Stella, Cedar, and Jules

Taye, Arrietty, Micah, Neville, and Imogen

Tipp and Loula (Netherlands)

Trent and Lila

Tristin (g), Silas, Enid, and Tom

Yahli (g), Ben, and Daria (Israel)

Zachary, John, Jessy, Anna, and Eve

What are your favorite names from this list? Do any of the sibsets stand out to you? 

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  1. Pompie would make an excellent nickname for Pompeiana. I’ve seriously been considering the name Pompeiana for a while now. I can’t believe that this frilly name went obscure and now I have a nickname option besides Anna. This is exciting, thank you for sharing this post. Soo many interesting names and ideas to stem from.

  2. Holy moly! Thanks so much for putting this together. I only read her blog on Tuesdays for the Living with Kids series and have jotted down some of my favorites from time to time, but this is extensive.

    I love Cosmo and the sibset Sara, Pim, Ava, and Casper. Another favorite sibset that isn’t included is River and Oak, LaTonya Staubs’ daughter and son.

  3. I love the Design Mom blog!!! Living with Kids is one of my favorite features. I have lately been paying attention to the names on her blog, but also on Apartment Therapy kids rooms to help gauge popularity of some names I have been ruminating over.

    It is always so inspiring to see how other people live with children and incorporate all of their accessories 😉 into their homes.