She’s a true rarity with a disputed meaning but a strangely appealing vibe.

Thanks to Emma for suggesting Winola as Name of the Day.

Doubtless you’ve heard of Winona.

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  1. Although I’ve undoubtedly read this name in name books in the past, it never really leapt out at me before. Now that it’s been brought to my attention, I have to say I quite like it — I definitely prefer it to Winona and appreciate it almost as much as Winnifred. It’s not going to go on my list of favourite names, but I’ll definitely keep it in mind for suggestions to others.

  2. My husband is always on the lookout for “W” names to match my own, and this is one neither of us had ever heard of before. I like it and he loves it! It’s a way for him to get to Winnie, a beloved nickname of his that he has never quite been able to find the perfect name for.

    1. Whitney, how about Winnie from Winona, Winifred, Gwyn, Gwyndolyn, Gwyneth, Guinevere, Winslow or Winter?

      1. Unfortunately, all of those but Winter (which he is still iffy on, but my love for it keeps it in the running) have been vetoed by my hubby 🙁 It’s a shame, because I love Winona and Guinevere! I think Winter is my favorite, though. I agree with Joy that it sounds so elegant and pretty, and since hubby was born on the winter solstice (which, coincidentally, is supposedly the date of the world’s end in 2012… heehee!) it has a VERY special place in my heart.

  3. Not an unattractive name, but I have to say without your post, I would of assumed it was a “smush name” of Winifred and Finola.

  4. I’m sorry, but to me it sounds like a brand of window cleaner! The nickname Winnie could be cute though.

  5. If I had to use Winola, I’d stick with the nickname Winnie. OTOH, Winnie risks being Winnie the Poo/Pooh on every playground, plus it rhymes with granola.

    Also I think Winola would be correcting people frequently who think she’s saying Winona. I don’t see a lot of upside to Winola.

  6. This isn’t bad, though its certainly not my style. It might be interesting to meet a little Winola.

  7. Can’t say I really like it. -ola is one of those endings people add to words to be comical or something (cashola, payola). Winola sounds like someone being silly at the casino. And, of the three names mentioned from the current top 1000, really only 2 have -ola endings in sound, because Paola is really and owla ending, so it’s even more on the outs in terms of current trends. It’s really not doing anything for me.

    1. You’re right that Paola doesn’t really belong on the list.

      And I couldn’t help but think winola, shine-ola when I wrote this. She’s definitely on the outs, style-wise. But sometimes those do make for really surprising choices, kind of like SJP’s Loretta.