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She’s a happy elaboration, a little-heard name that would be right at home with today’s stylish picks.

Thanks to Latasha for suggesting her daughter’s name, Gilana, as our Baby Name of the Day.

Gilana could be invented from any number of sources.

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What do you think?


  1. The pronunciation comes awkwardly to me, but I can see her appeal. The pronunciation of Adriana doesn’t come naturally to me either, but she’s such a delightful name.

  2. Gilana’s really pretty, but I think I like Giliana better with the extra syllable (and much more obvious pronunciation). I also am attracted to using G as a J sound, like Giulietta. It just looks so romantic to me; maybe is’t the Italian reference.

  3. Not for me, but I like where it comes from (the meaning). But it’s a pronunciation nightmare. Gill-anna? Gill-awna? Jill-awna? Jill-anna? Jee-law-na doesn’t even register when I look at it. I hate the idea of giving a kid a name they have to explain all day long sometimes.