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The sci-fi novel is a 20th century classic, but is this one too far out for a son?

Thanks to Alyssa for suggesting the intriguing Ender as our Baby Name of the Day.

Ender sounds like a name.

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What do you think?


  1. Are you still happy with the name Ender? I wonder the reactions of other people towards the name. Please tell us your experience so far.

    1. Our Daughter, 2008, is named Ender, because we met whitewater kayaking, doing an Ender. We love the name and she loves the name. Kids tack on Enderman or Ender Pearl or Ender Dragon to her name a bit because of Minecraft.

  2. Ender is an actual name. It’s a Turkish name that means “rare”. I absolutely love this name, could be a classed as a unisex name too but would change it to Endy for a girl. Im thinking for a son Ender Charles or Ender Maximilian. For a girl Endy Charlotte. Furthermore lol, if i have twins i think Ender (boy) and Asa (girl) would be awesome.

  3. I dont know what I am having yet but am due on spet 1st and if its a girl i decided dad picks her name…but if its a boy I get to pick I am using Lennon Alexander and Ender for everyday use to call him by. For the strange looks I am sure to get I am just going to tell them to go read a book.