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Happy Mother’s Day!  Are you as wrapped up in the new Social Security data as I am?  I’ve been glancing at it during stolen moments this week, as I’ve been insanely busy.  Happily, there’s been tons of coverage of the new list, and I’m sure you’ve devoured much of it.  If not, Clare curates all of the name articles on her scoop.it site, and can get you caught up in nanoseconds!

Now, on to the name news – some from the new rankings, but mostly not:

  • Could Ranger be big?  Especially with the new movie due out later this year, I think Baby Name Pondering is on to something.
  • Another boys’ name that has me watching: Whitaker or Whittaker.  He’s mentioned in this post at Swistle.
  • Ooh … I like the idea of Wisteria.  It’s another name that could lead to the nickname Whit.
  • Love trying to unravel these Top Name Debut lists at Nancy’s blog.  I’m thinking that Daleyza comes from singer Larry Hernandez and his reality show, but my Spanish is too weak to confirm it, and I can’t get his show to stream on my laptop this morning.  Hernandez was born in LA, but he’s of Mexican descent, and has made his name signing a traditional form of Mexican song.  Listen here. No idea where he might have found Daleyza, but it seems to be catching on.
  • I don’t often mention name-the-baby-animal contests, but this list struck me as interesting.  You could hear Priya, Willow, Harper, Violet, and Cai in any kindergarten in the US, and you wouldn’t bat an eyelash.
  • Cleo Josephine – love that jazzy combination!  Spotted in Maryland, so maybe my Clio will cross paths with this one …
  • I had some fun with this Missouri-specific baby name popularity tool.  Can’t wait for the Social Security Administration to release state-by-state data next week!
  • Love these finds from Isadora at NameberryDefiance?   Ameline?  They make me want to know more …
  • Dear Phaedra, Congrats on son #2!  Now what did you name your darling boy?
  • Clover, Cyrus, Memphis and more names chosen by new celebrity moms in recent months.
  • Max, then Jax and now Zax?
  • Titan and Briggs, Jessa and Evalynwelcome to the US Top 1000!
  • Names just outside the Top 1000 that I’m loving for girls: Wren, Rory, Margot, Drew, Montserrat, Maren, Magnolia, Noor, Delia, Cordelia, Clementine.  And for the boys: Leif, Ford, Langston, Shiloh, Coy, Haven, Lucien, Estevan, Clyde, Adler, Lathan.
  • Speaking of lists – I love so many in the Sunday round-up at For Real Baby Names: Fife, Persephone, Sloane, Zola, Sullivan, Esme, Ada Love.


That’s all for this week.  As always, thank you for reading and have a lovely Mother’s Day and a great week ahead!


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  1. Cleo Josephine is gorgeous – hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day! 🙂

  2. I’ve always thought Jessa and Jana were the best Duggar names. And Jessamyn is a beautiful way to get to Jessa.

    I’m intrigued by Ameline, too.