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Whether you're naming a baby, or just all about names, you've come to the right place! Appellation Mountain is a haven for lovers of obscure gems and enduring classics alike.

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  1. And I do appreciate the searching, Kelly!

    But the search feature on my (free) theme is pretty mediocre. You get what you don’t pay for. 🙂

    Plus I’ve been meaning to go back and revise many of my old posts. Among other things, I used to write in the royal we – “We here at ApMtn.” Pretentious much? Because really, it’s just me and a battered MacBook.

    So the revisions are a good thing.

    And may I say that I LOVE Bram. Conor, Isla and Bram … I like it.

  2. That’s why when I have sent you suggestions I search on here to be sure the name has not been previously a Name of the Day.