In the 1980s, she became less Mrs. Washington and more MTV veejay, thanks to diminutive, bib-overall wearing Martha Quinn. Today, she could fit right in with Emma and Hannah.

But after decades in the Top 100, today she’s nowhere to be seen. She charted at #617 in 2008 and has fallen steadily since the 1960s.

And so I ask – Martha, yea or nay?

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What do you think?


  1. I agree with Juliet, sort of. I do think Agatha/Martha/Bertha are too harsh/rough. I like the Polish versions of them (other than Bertha, since there’s no Polish version for it). Agatha/Martha vs. Agata/Marta. Haha 😉
    But I voted Yea since I wouldn’t mind seeing more Martha/Marta’s. Actually…

  2. I think if you like vintage names, this name is bliss for you. I generally land up disliking a lot of vintage names, I don’t have anything against the style, the names just don’t appeal to me because of my personality & my style. I prefer more exotic names. Martha is just bland, dowdy & a harsh name to me. It’s not very feminine.

    Honestly, I dislike the whole Agatha/Martha/Bertha etc vibe. It reminds me of the Depression or the World Wars

  3. I’ve never been a real fan of Martha, but Marta is delightful.
    For the record, it’s the same with Bertha and Berta… the th ruins the name for me, but I love a plain T.

  4. I know two grown Marthas, both around my age, so I’m always surprised when I realize just how uncommon it is. Aly has a friend with a big sis called Martha – she’s around 8. Not sure if it is a family name, but he’s William, so they may just prefer traditional choices.

    And Lola, Martha Plimpton was also in Running on Empty! And I heard she’s guest-starring on Gray’s Anatomy, too.

    I do like Marta – there’s something crisp about her sound.

  5. It’s nice. I enjoy seeing it in the British BAs regularly.

    NZ wise I don’t think it will be coming back here any time soon although Matilda is on the up and that’s far ‘fustier’ than Martha, at least to me.