I’m taking the Fourth of July holiday off, but here’s a name that’s been on my mind lately: could Judy make a comeback?

Formal version Judith was once a Top Ten choice. Judy reached the Top 20 in the 1940s. Today the animated Judy Jetson makes her a futuristic retro pick, and Dame Judi Dench gives her some strength. And if Oona and Luna, Lucy and Tallulah are fashion-forward, her oo sound fits right in.

So what say you readers: Judy, Yea or Nay?

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What do you think?

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    1. Trudy would be a great nickname for Judith, and that way you’d avoid Gertrude …

  1. Well, it beats Ruby by a long shot. I love many of the “baby boomer” era names hence my use of Bonnie. So, yes, I do like Judy and would love to see it on a child.

    I also support more use of similar June (and the oddball Juniper). June was going to be one of the middles for my most recent child (huge familial nod) but I sneaked in Juniper instead.

    I also like Judith nicknamed Jude and have come across a few here in NZ.

    1. How could I forget Judy Garland! Thanks, Julia. And dear me, Frances Ethel Gumm is … not pretty.