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  1. Archer made the top 1000! I love that name sooo much. I’m predicting it will make another huge leap again next year . . .

  2. Aw, some of my favorites have rised. 🙁 Quite a few celebrity-inspired names and yooneek names (and even Unique herself!). This would be the first year that Mary was out of the Top 100, wouldn’t it?

  3. Holy Crap Vivienne is number 532!!!!! I called that! And Harlow entered the rankings at 902!

  4. Fortunately, most of my names are still between 500 & 200 for the girl’s side. I do have a couple in the top 100, though. My favorite names have DEFINITELY increased ! Piper & Penelope seem to be increasing steadily. Harper made a big leap for the girls side 2009 174 & 2008 296.

  5. Thanks for the heads up!!! It’s bittersweet this year as Remy has cracked the top 1000 this year.