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Earlier today I posed this question on Facebook and Twitter: Did you choose a name for the meaning? If so, would you be crushed if you found out the information was wrong?

I asked, because I see a lot of conversation in online forums that gives me pause. Parents announce that they chose a name because it means beautiful princess or proud warrior or … something unambiguously good.

A great many names – even names with appealing sounds – have ambiguous meanings. Or neutral ones, like “ash tree clearing” or “one who uses a cart.”

But there’s a whole other level of meaning to names. I’ve written about it before, and I think it can be the secret to finding a name that you love. Instead of focusing on the name’s meaning as described out here on the big ol’ interwebs, focus on what it means to you personally.

Because if you choose a name from the movie you and your future-husband saw together on your first date, or a name that you’ve loved since you were little, or even the name of a favorite athlete, it doesn’t matter what the baby name books say – or if you discover contradictory information. The meaning goes way beyond anything you could read.

Elsewhere online:

  • There’s a new TLC series about a family with quintuplets, as well as an older daughter. Their names? Oldest daughter is Blayke, followed by the five new arrivals, all girls! Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker. It has me mulling over what I’d name five girls. I know I could easily come up with five girl names. Five boy names, though? That would be a challenge!
  • Of course, there are lots of interesting names for twin boys on this list.
  • Speaking of challenges, I scored 8 out of 8 on this quiz! There were some really close ones, though.

That’s all for today! Thank you so much for reading – and have a great week!

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  1. Cadwaladr, Zephyrine were on my list. Loved them! Combos were: Beacon Edward Cadwaladr Cash/Zephyrine Ottillia Esclarmonde Cash. I’m a sucker for the Welsh and Greek names. There is something about them that keeps me drawn to them. I could NEVER 100%, allow myself to be interested in meaning only when it comes to names, because they can be “interpreteded” differently and not just based off of etymology or vague names books, but historically names have changed in representation, spelling, meaning and pronunciation. Classic example is something we discussed earlier this week, Jinx. Jinx has changed its perceptions several times but still comes from the same root and meaning but not one soul knows this and its difficult to research. Logically, Jinx seems pretty cut and dry, open/shut case, but it isn’t. Look at Michael, during the Tudor reign, its was pronounced with the ch acting like an h, it sounded like Myhill, which lead to the surname Myhill. Nothing is cut and dry. Now, parents have to battle the “label” of names, and many think that is the meaning of the name. Also, there are those individuals who think about names from 20 different perspectives, and even more so when your like us name nerds. For those who are simple minded, and wanted to keep it simple, I could see the heart being crushed, because the name no longer represents your child and the attributes instilled by the wisdom you “thought” was correct from a respectful or seemingly trustful source. As a child, if I learned my name meant something from what I was told, and I learned this during my childhood, it would have affected me. I’m drawn to a certain name style today, because of how my name affected my perception on life and myself in the world.

  2. I knew a couple who were very vocal about choosing a name for their daughter that means “fair warrior” – the meaning was very significant to them. I didn’t have the heart to note it was “fair” as in white or light-colored, not just and trustworthy.

  3. I often see baby name announcements where the parents state the meaning of their child’s name, and it’s totally wrong. I never have the heart to correct them, but where are they getting these incorrect meanings? I guess the internet is full of questionable information.

    I love the name Eero, and while I would never use Bijou or Wilder, they are a lovely bunch. When you click on the link, however, it goes to the article about why there are more girl names than boy names.

    1. Oops! Sorry ’bout that. The link is fixed now, or you can read it here. It’s a Design Mom Living With Kids profile.

      And yes, I don’t ever correct them either – but I do sometimes go Googling to see if I’m wrong. There is a LOT of random information out there …