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If you’ve emailed me lately, you might have been disappointed to hear nothin’ but crickets in response.

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  1. Holy Southern Vampires, Batman! Both Godric and Alcide are names I’d never heard of until I read the books. Charlaine Harris has a real nice touch with names. Throughout her books she peppers stand out names like Alcide with more normal names like Jason. It creates a nice sense of place and time.

    1. She really does, doesn’t she? I don’t have HBO, so I haven’t been following the series, but I did read a few of the early books – and I found her whole world just incredibly compelling.

  2. Really looking forward to the blog shake-up, which sounds exciting and a breath of fresh air for Apptn Mtn.

    As a poll addict, I foresee that I’ll be pressing buttons with great vigour.

  3. Sounds exciting! I’m with those who are excited about the polls. Will you simply be listing the names, or providing a brief comment about them?

    Godric and Alcide are both fabulous. _Godric_, by Frederick Buechner, is one of my all-time favourite books. I’ve discussed using the name in the past, but ultimately decided that any name with the word “god” in it is a bit much to wear. Alcide is less familiar to me, but I’d love to use it too if it weren’t for the fact that it (like Godric) has elements of Alaric’s name in it.

  4. The changes sound exciting and I cant wait to see all the new articles, name updates and name polls. I really like the idea of updating names, especailly since so many have jumped in popularity recently and that changes some of the outlook on the name.

  5. You are so awesome! Those are great ideas – I’m impressed by your ability to keep things fresh.

  6. Wow, I’m looking forward to all the new changes! I think it’s all very exciting 🙂 Checking the NotD on this site is my very favorite thing to do in the mornings.

    I agree that it’s important to update the names. Like I noticed the entry on Enoch was before Boardwalk Empire debuted last year, and now Enoch nn Nucky sounds incredibly awesome to my ears. Or maybe that’s just my thing for Steve Buscemi 😉

    Congrats again on becoming an aunt!