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Happy last day of September!

My favorite namestory of the week is a courtesy of a game of Life with my seven year old.  He landed on the “have a baby girl” square and as he dutifully added the pink peg to his car, I asked what he was going to name her.  After a moment’s hesitation, he announced her name.


Elsewhere in the baby naming ‘verse:

  • Oh, how I love Zeffy’s list of antique finds for women: Ankaret, Lilchen, Kythe.  Too clunky to wear, but like Ladusky, sometimes the stories behind them are irresistible.
  • Does Cameron still work for boys?  I think it is a great name.
  • Do you think this poster really has a daughter called Ruby-Blossom?  Must. stop. lurking. on Yahoo! forums …
  • Forget Apple.  Right now, I’m all about Plum.
  • Margosa – an unusual botanical name with a sweet connection.
  • Do you get The Butler Eagle?  Apparently, they’re about to start running unusual baby name stories, just like The Toronto Star.  If you happen to live in the northern ‘burbs of Pittsburgh, please be on the lookout!
  • This question at Swistle has me stumped.  It does seem awkward, but the names are great together …
  • Speaking of complicated … is there really a right answer to this question?
  • A long list of multiples – every name nerd’s dream!  The other day my sister said to me, “What is with you and the idea of twins?”  Guilty as charged.
  • I don’t mind boy names on girls, but the category Laura Wattenburg has dubbed “Andro-Girly” is probably my least favorite category of names.  Ever.  What do you think of Emersyn and Kennedi?
  • Great advice.  Especially the last one – don’t skip the middle!
  • Ever Ilo, Gweneth Hazel, Quinn Keating … great names in this week’s Sunday round-up at For Real Baby Names.  But perhaps it is my childhood spent in Pennsylvania, but I’d choose another middle name for Penn.

That’s all for this week!  Thanks for reading.  And please stop by the Nameberry blog tomorrow to learn the real reason I love Reese and Jim’s pick of Tennessee for their new son.

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  1. I know a young girl Cameron, and a baby boy named Cameron. I still think of it as a boys name, but I can see it for girls too. Works better than calling your little daughter “Robert”.

    1. It’s a family name for a friend of mine, but they were only willing to consider it for a girl. They had a boy instead, though …

  2. Swistle always has such interesting name dilemmas … I think it’s TINY bit weird, but depends more on whether the other family think it is weird or not. I would be okay about it in the other family’s position (and some names just go together well as siblings, so it’s not surprising they get used a lot – I can’t count the number of Liam-Amelia sibsets I’ve seen).

    I actually think Amelie and Eloise make a better match though, which I think someone else suggested. To me, Elise seems a bit dated with Amelie.

    I thought The Name Lady was just wimping out of giving the correct answer, but maybe not …..

    Andro-girly is not my style, but I do see a lot of it about. Good name for it, I thought it was just Can’t Spell-Boyish!

  3. Oh, Ankaret is intriguing. I’m a big fan of the name Angharad (love The Blue Sword), and I’d potentially put this in a middle name slot.

    I’m with you on Plum. It’s just adorable in a somewhat nerdy/goody-goody sort of way. I imagine Scooby Doo’s Velma + Glee’s Rachel Berry. 🙂 And I’m still with you on “Andro-Girly” names; they are decidedly not my style.

    Fun read on “A Quick Guide to Choosing Middle Names”. Loved the last bit: “come on. Try harder.” Lol. I could never do no middle name. If it were allowed I’d probably give my future kids 10+ middle names. Too bad the hubs isn’t on board. Three middle names is his limit. C’est la vie.