Sunday Summary 2.12.17Sometimes names are names, and sometimes they’re so much more. I’ve yet to catch up on the current season of Blackish, but I’m dying to watch “The Name Game.” Serious spoilers can be found in this article, but also some important thoughts about naming and race. And more here, too. It’s on the top of my list for next week. The central question seems to be one that many parents struggle with: are you naming to celebrate your family’s heritage and history, or to give your child a solid footing for a future life it’s tough to imagine? Shouldn’t it be possible to do both?

Elsewhere online:

  • I’m fascinated by the Chooze app, which uses psychology to help parents narrow down names. Or should I say narrow up? I had a chance to test it last week. Most baby naming apps are about discovering fresh possibilities, or maybe about soliciting feedback from others. This aims to help you narrow down how you really, truly feel about your final two or three names. I really enjoyed it, and I found the results fascinating. More on this in a future post. *Disclosure: I was provided with a code for a free download of the app. All opinions are my own.
  • Why did I never think of this? It’s possible to give a child a legal name, and then simply use an extra middle name by custom. It seems especially powerful if your faith tradition includes a ceremony – like baptism – at a young age, where adding an extra middle is an option. The big downside? That name isn’t as readily available to a child for legal use, as a regular middle name might be. As an A. Abigail, I probably appreciate the value of middle names as back-up firsts more than some. Still, it could work for lots of families.
  • Oh! This quote from Swistle: “I have an unbroken track record of getting no one at all to agree to use Millicent.” I think Millicent is ready for revival!
  • Not sure how I ended up binge-watching Covert Affairs, but I think it’s because Piper Perabo’s character speaks So. Many. Languages. Anyway, later in the series co-star Kari Matchett is expecting, and sure enough – it was a real pregnancy written into the storyline. Her son’s name? Jude Lyon. Love that combination.
  • Interesting to read about the name Lincoln from a British perspective, where it’s as much a place name as a hero surname name.
  • Duana suggests some great names for Duncan’s sister here, but I’m really linking to it because the mom-to-be is considering Flavia! If you’re at all into mysteries, Flavia de Luce is a detective you might just love. And she and her sisters have some great names – heck, the entire series is deserving of a post!
  • I completely understand the appeal of this story, but … Henley Hehner? I’m not sure I’d like to have that name myself …
  • Some fabulous L names for boys on this list!
  • Random name-related pop culture trivia point of the day: February 13th is the day Joel erases Clementine from his memory in 2004’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Parents, however, remember, because Clementine has skyrocketed in use since then, from 19 births in 2003 to 340 in 2015.

That’s all for this week. As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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  1. Years ago I remember a local newscaster mentioning his daughter Hannah. His last name? Hanrahan. Hannah Hanrahan.