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  1. Oh, the kids-named-after-the-World-Cup just reminded me of something Mark told me yesterday. On Friday, the hockey team we root for got to be the first team to choose a first round draft pick (e.g. rookie team member too young to actually be in the team this year but set to join in the next couple of years). Our team has played horrendously over the past few years, so this was a big deal. A young 18-year-old with the first name Taylor was selected to much fanfare, hoopla, and high hopes.

    He already has a namesake. A baby born on Saturday was named McKenna Taylor, after Taylor Hall. The mum chose her daughter’s first name while the dad insisted on Taylor after the city’s newest player.


  2. Great summary, as always! I would have loved to have been able to join the throngs of women who add their maiden names as a second middle name upon becoming married, but my maiden name, well, let’s just say that clunky German names don’t always work.

  3. Fifa is an Icelandic name. Absolutely adore it!

    I really really like to know the origin and meaning of Sean Patrick Thomas’ wife name, Aonkia. Very intriguing indeed.

  4. Yes, Luc and Lola remind me of Luke and Laura, totally! 😀

    My mom didn’t really *change* her name when she got married, but she stopped using her middle name. She’d been called Carol Joy from the day she was born, but after marrying, she was just Carol. The only people who still call her Carol Joy are her siblings, relatives and high school friends. Similarly, my brother John Mark has had to remind people his entire life that he goes by both names, but people persist in calling him John.

    On that note, I hate forms that require a middle initial and assume you use your first name! We need forms that offer some flexibility.

    1. Thank goodness it wasn’t just me, Joy! 🙂

      I agree with you about the forms … there’s a post in there somewhere.

  5. just dashing in from icing 3 dozen cupcakes for a birthday party next week and i just wanted to comment on the changing of a first name at marriage. like in the colum both me and my sister hated our names as teenagers (especially as our mother told us the hippie choices she would have picked) but now i’ve grown into mine and couldn’t imagine being called anything else. my sister on the other hand still hates her name (margaret) and wishes she was anything else!

    1. There are so many nicknames that come from Margaret… Meg, Greta… Has she tried finding a nickname she loves?