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  1. Minuet is a Star Trek name. She was a fictional woman on the holodeck who appeared in two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Her nn was Min.

  2. I like Nancy’s link this week. Those names, though…um…I guess it’s good not every momma names her child Amunique.

    Also, I kind of LOVE Trace for a boy. It definitely seems masculine to me. Why is that? Anyone know?

    Maggie Rodriquez’s childrens names are interesting to me only in that I’m Danielle and my brother is Michael.

    My father was visiting us last week and he and my son ran into a pair of brothers Edward and Jacob – however, these two are 8 and 9 – older than the Twilight craze. I’m sure that doesn’t matter these days, though. They must get teased enough. Their poor parents are probably not thrilled, I’d guess. Nice solid names like those, ruined as a sibling set.

    1. Trace Adkins is a male country singer, plus actor Spencer Tracy probably inspired a few moms of boys.

    2. I love Trace and have for awhile.

      I think that by the time those kids go to high school it’d be fine. You’d be amazed at how many people I’ve come across (including American teenagers) who couldn’t name a single character from Twilight. A lot of times people know of something – but not more than that. They’re traditional names, so that is in their favour. If they were uncommon and very distinctive, then that’s when I’d start to sort of worry . Within the the nxt 2 years, all possible Twilight movies will have been released and most likely the media hype will be over

  3. I agree, Annalise and Caspian are a divine sibset.

    Minuet is kinda sweet, I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to use it myself.

  4. Caught twins Edward and George, but missed that her daughter is Harriet! It’s my new favorite sibset.

    Annaliese and Caspian are lovely, as is Benno. Good read this week Abby and thanks for the mention. Your lists were completely fabu. 😀