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  1. This comment on Namberry’s Worst Names Ever fills my heart with sorrow and dread: “Klymidya (This is an actual newborn baby girl in my church. How scary and sad.)”

    What is our world coming to?!?!

    1. Oh man. Oh man.

      I guess this should make me feel a little bit less bad for all the future babies that will be called Gaga…

  2. Despite the negative connotations in mythology, I think Siren would have been a very sweet (if a little out there) way to honor dad’s firefighting. Can’t say I love the y-spelling, but hey!

  3. At least poor Sundance can go by Thomas when he’s old enough to realize how much his name sucks…

  4. Syren? They could’ve at least done us a favor and spelled the word correctly, Siren. I should talk, I love the name Ondine, so I guess Siren shouldn’t be any different. I do prefer the Greek Sirena though. I think its a bit more wearable.