Just when it looked like spring was here, what with the crocuses and actually walking the kids to school without a jacket one morning, what’s in the forecast? EIGHT INCHES OF SNOW.

If you, too, are enduring winter’s last gasp, park your toddler in front of the television and entertain yourself with these links:

  • How’s your French? Mine is middling, but good enough to play this game: Connaissez-vous les prénoms des enfants de stars? Here’s a hint – the French for “was conceived” is apparently l’auraient conçu. Don’t say I never taught you anything. 🙂 And thanks to Pam at Nameberry for the link!
  • Speaking of Nameberry, their post on Q names has me a little bit in love with Quilla.
  • Over at Baby Name Wizard, Laura Wattenberg suggests that the ends-in-gan names could be the Next Big Thing. I’ve been a big fan of Madigan – as in the tragic tightrope walker Elvira Madigan – for years, but in the Madison/Madeleine/Maddasynne era, I cannot imagine using the name.
  • British golfer Justin Rose and his wife Kate welcomed their son Leo last week. I don’t follow any golf that doesn’t involve miniature windmills, but I thought it was a nice excuse to link to Xanthe Linnea’s post on Leo and Company.
  • Grey’s Anatomy actress Chyler Leigh announced that she will name her daughter-to-be Aniston Kay. Her first two are son Noah and daughter Taelyn. Aniston does not currently rank in the US Top 1000 (nor do Chyler and Taelyn). Wonder if she’ll chart in 2009?
  • I spent Fat Tuesday thinking that I need to get a goldfish tank, stat. Because ever since Elisabeth’s post on Mardi Gras names, I need to name something Ghislaine.
  • Lastly, the final Spice Girl to embrace her maternal side chose a rather tame name for her daughter: Scarlet. Melanie Chisolm – a.k.a Sporty – brings the baby count to 8. There’s also Victoria Beckham’s boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz; Melanie Brown’s daughters Phoenix Chi and Angel Iris; Emma’s Bunton’s son Beau; and Geri Haliwell’s daughter Bluebell Madonna.

Stay warm!

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  1. Oh, how warm it is in England! Mwahaha! (Read as an evil laugh). We’ve even been breaking out the summer clothing- how unusual for the USA to be cooler than the UK.
    Wow, I got nine out of ten on that quiz and I do not have a clue how!
    I love Q names, even the letter itself looks beautiful. My number one boy’s name is Quentin. One of my best friends is called Queenie; not a nickname, but her full first name.
    And finally, I love Leo and quite like Scarlet- much prefer this spelling, too.

  2. Don’t worry, Lola, I only got 6, and that was with some serious guessing… 4 I was sure of, but the others, psssh.

    As always, a fun read, Verity 🙂

  3. Without translating, and trying to figure out who some of those folks were, I got a 4 out of 10. Which isn’t even respectable. Maybe I should have taken French in HS/College instead of German, eh? 🙂

    I”m not much a fan of the letter Q, but I do dig Quincy for a guy. Neat feel he’s got. Neither am I a fan of the -igan names. Blah, there.
    I can’t get nameberry to load at all, anyone else having problems?

    I adored Elisabeth’s post on Mardi Gras names!
    Another Spice Girl reproduces, eh? I’m rather not impressed by any of their kids names but do admit to a liking for Bluebell in the middle, definitely not up front! And as for Chyler Lee? Can’t say I like her much, or her other kids names but more power to her if she can live with those. I couldn’t!

    This was a fun read, for sure, Verity and thanks for the new phrase of French! 🙂