If you watched Thursday’s Project Runway, you spotted the mini models for the “Little Bit of Fashion” challenge.

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  1. The name “Tilo” is entirely too close to the entirely too famous “Tila Tequila” for me. That was the first thing that came to mind. We had an exchange student (I think from Germany) at my high school that was named “Timo” & pronounced with the “i” like in “Tina,” like swissmiss clarified.

    I have a (female) cousin named Wynn (yep, like the casino)…I actually used to like it when we were kids, but I’m not as crazy about it anymore. & I agree that “Whin” seems odd with Anna&Michael.

  2. I wonder if Fury was inspired by the Sherrilyn Kenyon novels? Ironically, in Afrikaans, the nickname for Jacqueline which is spelled Jakkie is pronounced YUCKY. That one is sort of similar to Yak. It could be a linguistics thing

  3. I love Violet but she is getting a little too popular for my taste.
    In interesting news, a colleague just had a baby daughter named….Whin. I have never even heard of this name and some research didn’t enlighten me anymore. Anyone have any ideas? It seems like such a strange choice as her other 2 are named Anna and Michael…

  4. Yes, there was a Sylvie! There was also a Fabriana, which I found intriguing but BtN didn’t have an entry on. And what was Ixele/Ixelle (I can’t remember the spelling)?

    1. That’s right, Corinne! I forgot about that one until you mentioned it. Nothing on BtN … hmmm … it is just a twist on Fabiana?

  5. I just want to comment on Yak, because that is what grabbed me the most. Yak? I clean up cat yack on an unfortunately frequent basis. I know a Yak is a big hairy animal, too, but between that and the puke reference… wow… that’s one name I wouldn’t bestow on my kid! To me, Truly Violet is perfectly ‘normal’ (even though I’m not on the Violet super-fan wagon to begin with) when I find Yak a few lines away.

    1. I’m baffled by Yak, too. I get animal names, really, I do. But Yak? Is it possibly a name in another language, with recent immigrant parents blissfully unaware that their little one has been named after a hairy beastie?

  6. Truly Violet makes me laugh, it makes me think of Willy Wonka when the girl named Violet turns violet.

  7. Aw, Cardigan would be a cool name if it weren’t a sweater. Bummer. I’m kind of obsessed with cardigans, and I always think of Notting Hill, when Honey says “Ooh, sexy cardi”.

  8. Check out Miss Truly Violet’s sibs: https://onomastitrix.blogspot.com/2010/02/wyld-yvie-truly.html although her BA was pulled recently. That doesn’t bode well. I always wonder if I should delete the mention when this happens.

    Someone else who commented on the BA said they know a Trulie. I don’t dislike Truly Violet (like I probably should) as it is a step up from many general British offerings I see such as Demi-Leigh, Maizie-Mai or Lexie-Lou. Contrary to what seems like a popular name nerd opinion, they don’t all name their daughters Arabella, Rosalind and Ottilie.

    Um, it does irk me that Violet is cited to be the next big floral but all the first name and middle name Violet mentions in the Aussie, Kiwi and UK BAs bear this out already. So I should just lump it.

    I didn’t read the article as it wouldn’t load but it’s rather common to see Scottish BAs containing sibs with Islay/Isla, Arran, Iona, Rona, Ailsa etc.. All “isles” names. Also, the place name Morven. Extremely themey but I can’t help but like seeing them. I love Ailsa but it’s not just place name matchy with my Isla, it’s redundant in sound too and Kiwis frequently slur it into something resembling ULCER. Not pretty.

      1. Darn. I couldn’t access it from her summary, but I can when I click this link, I can. I googled Kristin Rushowy, “Isla” and found it. Maybe try that.

  9. I chuckled when I saw Truly Violet. Like you, I love finding a Clover, but Cloverlyn doesn’t do it for me and paired with Lemon, makes it sound as if it is part of a recipe. I think if you go with a word name as a first, you shouldn’t pick a word name as their middle. But that is just me.

    And Tilo, I haven’t heard that one before, but seems to fit with the Milo’s, Arlo’s, and Theo’s out there.

    Have a good week!