Here at AppMtn, it isn’t so very unusual to receive an outraged email or comment after I’ve said something less than flattering about a name.

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  1. My cousin named his daughters Precious Joy and Tru Serenity. [Their mother’s middle name is Joy and they called the first girl “precious” while in utero. Tru is after the show Tru Calling, and Serenity is from the show Firefly. They are 6 and 5 now, respectively.] While I appreciate some themes, what makes me question this one is that Precious and Tru’s brother is named Antonie Allen — totally different type of names [my cousin’s middle name is Allen and Antonie is after an Antony on the family tree]. I would think that a boy in that set would be named something like Constant Verity.

    So while I like the name True, I only like this spelling, and I prefer it for a boy.

  2. Love Anneliese, but can’t wrap my head around Analyse. No no no no no no!

    I love Claudia on her own, but when I bring the meaning into the equation, just can’t do it.

    Carol Ann is my 60 y/o mother’s name… maybe due for a comeback, but I’m going to give it another 20+ years to sound fresh again.

    I actually like Cynthia, but I hate Cindy. It was actually on my short list, but the bad nickname killed it. Don’t mind the full Deborah, either.

  3. Ha! We spotted Drielle too and immediately thought of our at-home in-between dry-cleaning product, Dryelle. Also made me think of my friend’s cousin, Lilette – she is from Mauritius, but living in the UK, where Lilette is the equivalent to o.b. or kotex. It’s a shame. Products and names sometimes do not mix well… although I have to say Drielle is not doing it for me in terms of sound, even without the strange brand association in my head.

  4. I hate to say it, but I’ve spotted far more Analyses than I have Annelieses. I can’t comprehend the appeal.

    I love double names (minus the hyphen) but we rarely use my daughter’s, Isla Scarlet, and stick with Isla and a middle, Bonnie. Carol Hannah is unexpected.

    I don’t mind True. It’s virtue-esque but I dislike when the E is left off.

    Hazel is semi popular here in NZ, but Ida, Elsie and Mabel are nowhere to be seen. I plan at present to use a very crusty old blue rinse name for this child if a girl and I’m stuck on Dulcie. I obviously want to birth a 94 year old but the appeal of Dulcie and Bonnie is too great.

    1. Dulcie and Bonnie is a lovely sibset! Dulcie brings to mind Dulcinea, the Toad the Wet Sprocket album … and Don Quixote, of course. Quite pretty.

      1. Hey, thanks, I value your opinion.

        My grandmother, “honorary” mother really, wasn’t all that impressed but she was the same with Ivy and some other granny-chic choices. “That’s an old lady’s name!”. She offered Cheyenne instead 😉 Bless her. A name she desired to use on my Aunt back c.1960. My Nan was ahead of the trendy curve there although she reverted to the mainstream Cheryl in the end but added another R thinking that was how Lana Turner spelt her daughter’s name. Nope. She didn’t mind Juniper though. My first middle name idea. Her name and my middle is June.

        I forgot to mention that I’m surprised you receive any “outraged” feedback given you are very diplomatic. It does feel wonderful to get a happy parent pass on some thanks. I had a Telegraph dad of a Dulcie recently quite chuffed over a few comments I made. It greatly offset the negative I had about the same time regarding the name Parayse (Paris) 😛

  5. Bek, did you notice her sister seems to be named Rachel? Just Rachel? I thought that was curious.

    And Charlotte, amen to Irina. Some of her designs are fabulous, but she seems needlessly mean.

    Carol Hannah, Logan & Epperson are opening a boutique? That might just be road-trip worthy. Though I’m probably more of the Carol-Hannah-for-Target collection customer.

  6. Yay for Carol Hannah fans! I think she’s the fan favourite at present, but I’ll be very surprised if she wins since: a) she’s sick at the finale, and b) apparently she, Logan, and Epperson are opening a store together. Personally, I think her name really suits her — especially when pronounced HA-nuh, which is how my grandma pronounced it — but I wouldn’t use it myself.

    The name Irina is forever ruined for me.

  7. Carol Hannah is a favorite of mine too! I’ve been fascinated with her name since the season began – never being able to decide if I like it or not. Part of the problem is that some people say Carol HA-nuh, while others use the more traditional pron. of Hannah. So that makes a difference, I think. But I did realize this week that I am kind of digging Carol on her. 🙂

  8. I’m a seventeen year old who loves Cynthia, Barbara and Deborah- eek! Do you think they’ll be getting trendy in a half a decade or so when I want to become a mother? I just simply cannot imagine it!

    Ps. Great post 😉

    1. LOL, Elizabeth – that’s great! I know a great 50-something Cynthia and a lovely 40-something Barbara … so I guess they will be grandmotherly when you’re starting a family. You might be on the leading edge of granny chic, 2030 edition!

  9. Charleston and Liberty? Urp. No. Can I just say I’m not surprised what comes from Joey Lawrence?

    Paulina’s catching, on, hm? Might I remind you that I suggested that for NotD a looooong time ago? Always fashion forward, I am…except with boys’ names, apparently. 😉

    Carol Hannah. I feel like that H will be swallowed way too often.

    Analyse. Dumb.

    About your posts that upset people? I thought you had an awesome comeback to that Nancy who didn’t like what we had to say about her name. You kept your cool a lot better than I’d be able to.

    Lovely weekly round-up, as usual.

    1. Thanks, Photoquilty! I usually find that while I’m working on a post I do end up liking the name – regardless of how I might’ve felt initially.

      And you can claim credit for Paulina. 🙂

  10. Liberty is a guilty pleasure of mine. Liberty Grace is a little overkill, but it’s nice enough if that’s your thing.

    Analyse is just awful. Awful.

    Double names can really make two names that aren’t that great sound really cool. It can also make two nice names sound even fresher. I don’t really like them for boys, but if I ever have a girl I will definitely consider using a double name. I love Mary Scarlett and Dinah May.