Sunday Summary 1.21.24If you’re experiencing wintry weather, how are you holding up? The cold is officially getting to me. Or, more precisely, the winter weather that means I can’t get to the gym or get outside to exercise on my regular schedule has me feeling quite snarly.

But then this morning I spotted not one, but three, snowmen. When the flakes first came falling down, my daughter built a snowman and named him Barnabas. Thanks to the chilly temps, he’s still here – that never happens! So I’ll call that an upside to the much colder-than-average snap.

Have you named any snowmen lately?


One of those questions: What are the names that got away? Swistle raised it and described my feelings perfectly. In the moment, it’s quite painful to ponder the names we never get to use. But with time, I find myself just hoping others will use my favorites.As

As a proud Marylander, I’m embarrassed I didn’t know this story. Welcome baby Charm! (Not a name that got away, because I’ve never actually lived in Baltimore, but a name I’d love to hear in use.)

“They all have one-syllable names like Shale, and Bird, and Nine.” From “A Day in the Life of a Female Lead in a Dystopian Novel.” This is from McSweeney’s circa 2021, but it was new to me. (And totally nails a character-naming rule I didn’t realize was in place.)

Jeremy Allen White of The Bear has a daughter named Dolores! And a daughter called Ezer, too. (Thanks Cici!) What do you think – can Dolores make a comeback? It last appeared in the US Top 1000 way back in 1989, and just 77 girls were named Dolores in 2022.

Dolores was big in the 1930s. More names from the same era: Joan, Shirley, Helen, Ruth, Robert, Edward, Paul, Frank. If the 100-year rule applies, some of them will be back … soon!

That’s all for now. As always, thank you for reading. And have a great week!

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