Summer Baby Names Showdown 2020 Girls FinalWe’ve voted our way through ALL of the names, and it’s time for the Girls’ Final in the Summer Baby Names Showdown!

If you’re new here, let’s catch up.

Every March, we vote our way through the most popular name of the day posts at Appellation Mountain from the prior calendar year. After a solid decade of holding the contest? We had a serious winners’ gallery.

When the world went sideways earlier this year, we had a chance to bring back those champs for an all-time showdown to determine our favorite of the favorites.

And now we’ve narrowed that list to just two final names.

Let’s take a look back at last week’s contest:

Eliza sailed past Genevieve, 55% to 45%. That’s a solid win. My theory? Eliza is getting a big boost, thanks to Phillipa Soo’s star turn as Eliza in Hamilton. Then again, Genevieve has a lot to offer, too, with that great middle V sound and so much French style. Still, Eliza advances – this time.

With not-quite 51% of the total, Sylvie wins out over Margot. Sylvie has been a darling of name aficionados for a while now. So even though Margot ranks farther on the US popularity charts, it’s not a stunner to see Sylvie take the lead here.

That means Eliza and Sylvie advance to the finals.

What a tough contest!

Winner earns bragging rights as the winner of the 2020 Summer Baby Names Showdown and the all-time favorite of the March Madness Baby Names champions.


Voting stays open through Tuesday, July 28th.

Check back on Thursday, July 30th to see which name wins! 

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