It’s still hot and humid in Metro DC, but Target has Halloween costumes in stock.

Must be the end of summer.

Now is as good a time as any to look back at the new little famous people who have joined the planet since Memorial Day – and try out Poll Daddy. So please vote below: Which celeb parents made the best name choice for their daughter? We’ll run the boys’ poll next week.

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  1. Oh dear whatever happened to the days of Celebs choosing wild, fanciful, hysterical names (she says in a wailing tone) this list is positively classy! Clementine Jane is rather lovely despite it’s awkward flow and Honor Marie is very pretty. Stella Doreen is pretty cool too especially for having the guile to honor grandma – even if her name is a bit unfashionable.

  2. I voted Vivienne Marcheline, not because it’s my absolute favorite name, but because of the significance. Clementine Jane is probably my favorite name (your poll reads *Jade*), but I think Honor is the most novel while still being extremely tasteful. Marie, sadly, has had it’s day and from an objective standpoint makes the full name less interesting to me.

  3. Same here with the Hallowe’en costumes (As soon as school starts Hallowe’en reigns supreme generally), although cool & clammy seems to be the overall weather pattern here. We are definitely cooling off already. 🙁

    Stella Doreen McDermott got my vote, easily. I think Stella’s just lovely (and meshes well with brother Liam, too). And honoring Grandma? That’s aces in my book (Brother Liam’s middle honors her dad, Doreen’s his mom). And while my other favorite Honor Marie Warren is pretty, Marie is chees (Honoring yourself in your child will always be cheesy to me) and Honor Warren as a pair does nothing for me. It’s flat.

    I wanted to vote for Clementine Jane but no matter how I adore Clememntine, the stilted flow between Clememntine and Jane (nevermind the odd flow of Clementine Hawke) really bothers me.

    my other somewhat favorite, Vivienne Marcheline comes close but I have a bias against Vivienne in any spelling (bad childhood memories). Marchelne to honor Mom was a lovely touch nonetheless.