Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery have welcomed a daughter, Stella Luna.

Guess she wanted a ready-made bedtime story for her darling daughter. Let the bat references begin!

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  1. Who cares about the possible references, it’s a great name! There’s so much crap in celebrity baby naming today, so this is a huge improvement! I feared that she would be a tryndee baby namer.

  2. I have to agree with most of these comments. I love both names individually, but they are horrid together. Why not have 2 kids and name one Stella and the other one Luna.

    Actually, this kind of reminds me of Sailor Moon because Luna is one of the character names in it. LOL! I don’t remember the children’s book very well, except one of my teachers read it to my class the one time and I remembered the little bat.

  3. It takes two to name a kid… neither one had enough sense to figure this one out? Stella OR Luna – not both.

  4. Love Stella, love Luna, hate it together. I can’t think of anything but fruit bats when I hear that. Why, why?

  5. Both names are quite pretty by themselves, but together. . .? Bat connotations aside, I agree with photoquilty — Star Moon is just too much.

  6. I have to agree, Stella Luna is not a choice I can get behind… Not only is it completely uncreative, I have a thing about the Ls in this combo – too much! Stella itself is fine, though, so at least as a first name only situation, it’s not so bad.

  7. Great book. Dumb name. I’m just saying. 😉 Seriously, Star Moon? Do you need a reference to two heavenly objects in a name? Soliel Moon Frye part deux, anyone? Lame. I prefer SMG’s starbaby name 100%.