Alyssa Milano.
Alyssa Milano; Image via Wikipedia

There was so much chatter about possible baby names for Alyssa Milano’s son-on-the-way that I’d actually forgotten she was still pregnant!

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  1. Love it. Love it! Milo-Milano is just neat and fun without being too cute, and the nod to Alyssa’s dad – and hubby David’s uber classic first name – with Thomas is a great grounding for the entire combination. Milo Bugliari is just handsome, too!

  2. I love Milo but think Milo Thomas is too close to Marlo Thomas for my comfort! Miles Thomas, nn Milo would have ben my choice. But overall, it’s absolutely lovely and my now #2 favorite starbaby name, right behind Arthur Saint! Wonderful job Alyssa! 🙂

  3. Milo seems like such an obvious choice now that I make the Milo/Milano connection. I really like it, its youthful and fun. Thomas I dont care about, I guess it fits the obligatory boring but safe middle name.

  4. I too love the connection between Milo and Milano! Milo isn’t my style, but it is a good name and I think it suits them well. I also think the short and sweet Milo nicely balances/complements a hefty surname like Bugliari.

    Colleagues of mine have a 2 year old Milo, plus the *spoiler alert* Gossip Girl baby was a Milo, so I feel like I’m starting to hear it all over the place.

  5. My honest first thought? Tweenies! My littlest sister used to watch a kids show called Tweenies like there was no tomorrow, which featured Milo, Bella, Fizz and Jake. It started in 2002, and I remember Milo being the purple one.

    That aside, I actually quite like the name. He’s got a certain pazzazz to him.