Just in time to make this year’s list of unusually named celebrity offspring, Leelee Sobieski has welcomed a daughter, Louisanna Ray. Dad is designer Adam Kimmel.

It’s an interesting choice.

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  1. I don’t have a problem with place names. Louisiana the place does sound like it was formed from two names. So, I don’t find it that far fetched. Certainly unusual, but not ridiculous. Rae has also been used by many people as a middle, so I consider it unisex. Overall, I don’t consider it to be ‘odd celebrity” – I consider it to be a different, interesting choice. Whether you like the name or not, it does roll of the tongue beautifully

    Louisiana was named after Louis XIV.

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    1. I could get behind Louisiana. It’s an interesting, offbeat choice. Louisanna, though, strikes me as unusual. Wonder if they’re honoring a Louis, or have some other source for the name? We’ll have to wait ’til she does the obligatory Mommy interview with a fashion magazine.

  2. If it was spelt like the US state, I wouldn’t have a problem. But Louisanna? How does one pronounce that? Louise-anna? Lou-zanna? Or just like the place?

    I don’t know. I do like Virginia, Georgia, Adelaide et al so I guess I’m a little hypocrtical, but I just don’t dig place names in general.

  3. I have always thought that Louisiana would make a cool yet usable first name. Looks like Leelee beat me to it, though I am not too wild over that extra N. Still, I really like Louisiana as a guilty pleasure.

    And, I actually think Leelee is an adorable nickname.

  4. I didn’t realize she was pregnant either. I actually like her choice. I love Virginia and Georgia and I think this fits in quite well with those. It also has a lot of nickname possibility a BIG plus in my book. Considering place names like Boston, Brooklyn, and Dallas – I think this is refreshing.

  5. Didn’t even know she was preggers. Hm. Louisiana. That’s what my old friend, Luzanna (whose name you still haven’t done!) was called by people who didn’t take the time to actually read her name. Anyone who ever got her name wrong read it Louisiana. Well, it’s a place name. Ray is a boy’s name. The whole thing is odd. I guess that fits in with the celebrity theme.

  6. Why would you choose to NOT go by Liliane?! It’s such a beautiful name! Leelee is a cutesy childhood nickname, and should only be used in that form. I guess we can’t expect much in the naming department from a grown woman who chooses to go by Leelee.

    Wasn’t Carolina inspired by a Charles monarch? I couldn’t tell you which one, but I could’ve sworn… Anyway, I never realized Louisiana was after another monarch. Intriguing.

    PS: It’s actually Louisianna. Two ‘n’s.

    1. Leelee was a child actress, so she is probably sticking with the name she’s known as. But I agree, I would have used Lilianne.

      Yes, Carolina was named after another British monarch, Charles I of England. Charles II of England granted a charter to start a new colony in North America, and he named it Carolina after his father, Charles I.

    2. This child’s gonna have a lifetime of spelling errors ahead of her. It’s actually Louisanna. No second “i”. Damn, I was so close!