Alicia Keys is a new mom! Son Egypt Daoud arrived on Thursday. Egypt’s dad is Swizz Beatz, Alicia’s new husband.

Swizz – Kasseem Dean in real life – has two sons from a previous marriage: sons Prince and Kasseem, Jr. He also has a daughter from another relationship.

I’ve come across Cairo once or twice, but Egypt as a personal name strikes me as new. It tops some of the more invented options, and seems like it hits the right note for the singer.


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  1. I actually like it. There are loads of country/state/city names out there, this is just another one.

      1. Oh, yep, it sure does, don’t know how I missed that!

        I told my parents the name and my dad said “Oh, why didn’t she name him Lawrence or Donald?” Lol, I told him that would have been even stranger than her using Egypt.

        1. EXACTLY, Lyndsay! I’d have dropped over in a dead faint if Alicia Keys named her son Donald. 🙂

  2. All I can think about is BFE! This is a horrible association and opportunity for teasing throughout his life. Cairo would have been a better choice.

  3. Daoud is lovely, but Egypt as a given name doesn’t really do it for me. I dislike the use of country names as given names to begin with, but Egypt in particular isn’t a very pleasant-sounding word. Ah well, congratulations to Alicia and ‘Swizz’ on their new little person!