Yup, Draco. Danica McKellar and husband Mike Verta have chosen the name Draco for their new baby boy.

From the Latin word for dragon, it’s a name perfectly on trend: he was in use in Ancient Greece, there’s a constellation by the name, he has the -o ending of Leo, and while a dragon is a mythical beast, he fits with other not-quite-zoological choices like Griffin and Phoenix.

Nancy tells us that there were 20 little boys called Draco in 2009.

But am I the only one who hears Draco and thinks Malfoy? Or is this one going to follow Luna up the charts as another Harry Potter hit?

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  1. Draco’s actually been growing on me since reading this announcement. I’m not a huge Potter fan, but I do make the connection. I think it could stand away from this though. I like both Draco and Drake as a name. I tend to lean towards constellation/star names: Orion, Phoenix, Leo & Griffin. How about Alula for name of the day? I read that it’s the name of a star, and means ‘first’. I think it could be a hit with the popularity of names like Luna, Lila, Lucy, etc.

  2. I have to say that despite the HP connection, I like Draco. I like a lot of -o names in general. Maybe Drake for those who want to step back from HP, but still like the hard consonants to go with Luke and Zach.

  3. Love it! I do think of Draco Malfoy but I have a thing for villians, plus her rep said he was named after the constellation so I think it’s pretty awesome.

    1. I do like Orion … so I guess that should make the other constellation names up for grabs. I really can imagine Draco catching on.