Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell have welcomed their twin daughters. The girls are named Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip.

It’s an interesting duo. While Rose is among the most common botanical baby names, I’ve never heard of a Tulip. Rebecca and Tamara are graceful in the middle spot – Rebecca after mom and Tamara after Rebecca’s sister. As for Dolly and Charlie? They’re awfully cutesy nicknames, but they’re balanced out by the rest of the names. Apparently, Charlie honors Jerry’s brother and Dolly is for Dolly Parton.

I’m not sure about the connection between Ms. Parton and the happy couple, but it’s worth noting that her full name is Dolly Rebecca.

Overall? I wouldn’t add them to my favorites list, but I find them strangely appealing. Too bad they didn’t go for Dorothy Rebecca Rose and Charlotte (or Caroline) Tamara Tulip. That pairing would be perfection.

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  1. Charlie is adorable for a girls name, I think your all wrong on this one. Maybe her name could have been Charlize and Charlie for short. A blond haired baby girl named Charlie sounds perfect.

    1. Crystal, I think the reaction is to Charlie as a full name.

      Charlotte or Caroline with the nn Charlie is very different, as is Charlize, nn Charlie.

  2. These names are not my style.. if you want to use them as nn (I wouldn’t) for Dorothea (or Dorothy) and Charlotte, OK (and as others have mentioned, then you have other nickname options as well). – another name used by a couple of celebrities for girls is Sam.. don’t like this either.. too plain and boyish for a stand-alone name, better to be Samantha or Samara and call her Sam as a nn if you like. Dolly sounds silly, insubtantial..Charlie too boyish (though I think I prefer it to Dolly). And too discordant for twins, or any sisters, really… if I heard the names, I’d think they were a boy/girl pair. I like any of the middle names better, except Tulip … love the flower but not as a name..

  3. I hear what Allison’s saying loud and clear! Dolly and Charlie pigeon hole these girls way too much and don’t leave any room for manoeuvre. Won’t it be strange if Dolly turns out to be a complete tomboy and Charlie the uber girly one?

    Lola’s suggestion of Dorothea and Charlotte would have been a much more flexible, durable and frankly, a lot nicer choice. Dolly in particular seems such a limiting choice, I just can’t imagine a Judge, teacher or the MD of a firm called Dolly! On the other hand, Dorothea would have offered her a plethora of nicknames to choice from: comfortably nicknaming to Dot, Dottie, Thea, Dora and of course Dolly if she so wished.

    I don’t mind any of the middle names especially if they honour family names, I even quite like Tulip tucked away in third place there. I have heard the name before actually – but only once as there’s a national radio newsreader called Tulip in the UK (there’s also a newsreader called Fenella Fudge which I think makes her sound like a teacher at Hogwarts but I digress!…)

  4. I just can’t get behind nickname names, especially precious cutesy ones. And Dolly? There’s only one, and like Cher and Oprah, she’s got exclusive rights.

  5. I’m in agreement – I’m not a big fan of the nn as the full name craze. There are some exceptions, but these are very nicknamey for my tastes – a full name that could be made to be Dollie and Charlie would have been a bit better. I love the flower tulip, it’s my favorite, but I’m just not feeling it as a name. Interesting though… definitely a couple of starbaby names!

  6. I would probably love Dolly Rebecca Rose (though I’d most definitely prefer Dorothy nn Dolly). Charlie Tamara Tulip just isn’t nearly as cute. I actually like Tulip, and I think that even though it’s unusual it would work as a middle with something classic; Tamara isn’t normal enough to carry Tulip, in my opinion. Plus, the only Tamera I’ve ever heard of is she of Sister, Sister fame, and although I always loved them and that show, I never liked her name. And Charlie? Really? I don’t know why anyone would name a son Charlie over Charles, and it’s even worse for a girl… but to name one the uber-girly Dolly and the other a boys name? Why? Why on earth would they do that to the poor girl? It doesn’t make sense. It sounds like they didn’t know they were having twins and had picked out Dolly Rebecca Rose and then found out there were two babies and made up something random. Poor little Charlie, my hope for her is that she’s the prettier twin. If not, there is just no justice.

    Lola, Charlotte nn Lottie would have been perfect! So much better than Charlie! Even if they had just named her Lottie, that would have been better than Charlie.

  7. Funny, I said Dorothea Rebecca Rose & Charlotte Tamara Tulip, nn’s Dolly & Lottie! I realise they were honoring but I still feel like they gypped poor Charlie. Her sister got the girly Dolly, the girly Rebecca & the girly Rose. Charlie got a boy nickname, A dated girly name ( family yes, but why not update it to Tamar?) and the odd: Tulip. There is definitely going to be an argument somewhere down the road between those two! 🙂