Cover of "Hey There Delilah Pt.1"
Cover of Hey There Delilah Pt.1

Benicio del Toro and Kimberly Stewart have reportedly named their daughter

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  1. It’s a beautiful name.However, I could never use it because of who Delilah was in the Bible.That’s just me. I can’t see it ever getting in a top 100. I know many non-believers who refrain from using names for the slightest religious reference e..g Christine etc. Sometimes it takes me awhile to actually understand what the religious point is as to why they won’t use it and I’m a very religious Christian.

  2. I think Delilah is really pretty, and I imagine it’s rising on the ride of Laylas, Leilas and Lilas. Not to mention the Lilys and Lillias and Lilianas …

  3. I prefer Delia or Della – not sure if they’re derivatives or just nicknames – but Delia is sadly forever tied to the horrendous teenybopper store sharing the name. I wish brands an products would stop naming themselves after people.

    1. I also really like Delia…but I prefer it as a nn for Cordelia <3 And Della is great but my fav would be to switch the sounds for Adelle 🙂

  4. I can definitely see this growing in popularity.
    When I first saw this post, I was thinking hmm at least it’s not Isabella.
    But saying it over, I like it and bit granny chic too!

    Do we know who’s surname the baby has?
    Because Delilah del Toro HAS to be a movie star. What a cool name.

    1. Totally agree! Not sure … I almost titled the post “Welcome Delilah Del Toro” but realized none of the articles confirmed the surname. Nameberry has it as just plain Delilah, too, so we’ll have to wait and see!

  5. Sadly, a 13 year old girl named Delilah just drowned in Lake Michigan so that’s my immediate association with the name.

    But I do see Delilah rising on the heels of all the Lilas, Leilas, and Lillys. Considering our affection for 3+ syllable feminissa names, plus the fact that the average American doesn’t have much Biblical knowledge, and Delilah could definitely be headed for the Top 100.

  6. I love the rhythmic sound of Delilah, however I much prefer it in the middle name spot. Its one of those names that I love but couldn’t see using every day.

  7. A relative (who already has a child named Destiny) has expressed his love of the name Delilah. His thinking was that it a way to honor our Aunt Lyla — completely missing that she’s an conservative Christian who wouldn’t approve of the name. Another sign of our community’s growing Biblical illiteracy.

    1. Now that is fascinating – I know not everyone is thrilled to be presented with a similarly-named relative for one reason or another, but that’s a BIG reason …

  8. I think she could, since Lila is surging up the charts at the moment, well at least here in England&wales anyway. But at the same time I know that Delilah has been dropping in recent years over here from a peak of #408 in 2008.