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  1. Cosima has been on my list for a long time. Though of Italian origins, the name has been used in Germany for quite some time.

  2. Not a name I’d choose, but an excellent decision given the older siblings’ names. All three names begin with a c, but sound very distinct because of their subsequent letters. Additionally, none of them are overtly popular, but they’re not entirely obscure (Cosima is the most obscure, but I would argue that both its Greek and Italian male equivalents are heard of often enough to make the name sound familiar). A good choice. I also appreciate that none of the names end with the same sound.

    1. Clementine and Caspar/Casper are becoming VERY popular in England. I can’t tell you how many babies and children I’ve met in London in the past couple of years with these names. The only Cosimas I’ve heard of (only 2, ever) are also upper class English girls. So to me these 3 names feel right for a sibset with rich, London-dwelling parents!

  3. It’s a great sibset. I normally dislike sibsets where all of the children’s names begin with the same letter, but it doesn’t bother me here, possibly because all three names are so distinct from one another.

    1. I agree – it is tough to pull off using the same initial without sounding repetitive like the Duggars – Joy-Anna and Johannah, Josie and Josiah. But the stylish Ms. Schiffer really did find three C names that are distinct from each other, but go together as a set.

  4. They have done a good job of using of legitimate, but unexpected names that make sense in German and English.

  5. I think it’s so gorgeous! Perfect on it’s own and with the sibset. I can’t imagine a better choice.

  6. Don’t know anything about Cosima…sounds like another Star Trek name. To continue the C names, I would have chosen Cecilia, Catherine or Catarina, Caroline or Chloe.

  7. It’s not one I’d expect . I’m glad she chose it, though. Adds a lot of spice to the sibset. She balanced the familial link ( the ‘c’) and unexpected really well ( or at least I think so ).