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  1. I think this is precisely why a “longer formal name” is the key to success. You can call them any nickname and if the name becomes too common, you (or the child) can always choose something else!

  2. Awww, I’m sorry this happened to you! However, I agree with Lola in that I see Cleo and Clio as two distinct (although similar) names.

    After seeing your facebook announcement I realised that, in a way, I actually wish that a celeb would name their daughter Roseanna. Somehow I feel that a celebaby would lend credence to my use of the name. The problem with my name (Charlotte) is that while it was basically at an all-time low on the charts when I was born, it’s undeniably hot right now. Conversely, Roseanna’s name peaked in 1983. People who have only met us since Roseanna’s birth frequently get our names confused — calling my daughter Charlotte and me Roseanna. A celebrity with a baby named Roseanna would make her name feel less dated in the bad way. *Sigh* I love my little girl and do find her name pretty, but I don’t know if my heart will ever cease to lament that Mark rejected Rosamund.

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It’s not like you’ll ever meet. But then again, I don’t really care what celebrities are doing outside of their chosen profession.

    Are there actually people who name their children after famous people’s babies? How weird.

  4. Well, you know how much I love Cleo (I’ve wished it were my name since I was 2!). And I don’t see Cleo & Clio as the same name at all. Same sound, completely different feel!
    I wouldn’t worry about it much, there are a small handful of “famous” Josephines (J. Cameron has one), and I never, ever hear anything about her. Plus, little Cleo will probably live on the other side of the pond, if not the other coast, so we won’t hear a lot about her, I think.

    But what a lovely, lovely name! 😀

  5. Pretty name! I don’t think you’ll be seeing him in the news too often. And they don’t REALLY have the same name.

  6. I love the name so much <3 I'm just glad it's him and not someone like Posh. I think it will still be able to fly under the radar. My daughter shares a name with Philip Seymour Hoffman's, and I NEVER see anyone mention him.

  7. David Schwimmer’s wife is British, so maybe if they’ll raise her in London? If so (and since he’s moved into the director’s chair), I doubt his daughter will spend much time in the tabloids.