We’re always charmed when a recent Name of the Day shows up on a starbaby. Actor Kyle MacLachlan and Project Runaway executive producer Desiree Gruber recently welcomed a son, Callum Lyon MacLachlan.

Callum was Name of the Day back on July 13. No word on the thinking behind the middle name, but Callum seems like a fabulous choice, especially when paired with dad’s surname.

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  1. Bruce in ‘Nemo’ sounds Aussie to me, but maybe that’s because I’m a Yank. And Aussie accents are sometimes difficult to seperate from British ones for me! Aussie makes sense though, as the movie’s set around Australia. Or am I completely off base? And he’s my favorite of the secondary Nemo characters. (I live with a 4 year old, Nemo plays at least one a week here!)

    other ‘famous’ Bruces (Just for fodder) :
    Bruce Paltrow
    Bruce Hornsby
    Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Campbell (I LOVE him!)
    Bruce Banner (Hulk, was actually Robert Bruce Banner, but was known by Bruce)
    Bruce Springsteen
    Bruce Greenwood
    Bruce Lee
    Bruce Dern
    Bruce Boxeitner (who’s married to my favorite fictional Laura: Melissa Gilbert-Boxleitner)
    Bruce Willis

    And those are just the ones that came to mind without digging! The other half added Springsteen (I hate him) & Dern, but the rest were right there at the top of my head when I started thinking “Bruce” Now how cool is that list! 😀

  2. I know I should save my comment on Bruce until Aug. 20th, but I can’t help it. The name Bruce makes me giggle- I think perhaps because the shark attempting vegetarianism in Nemo is named Bruce and he has an English accent. I also know a Bruce with an English accent. Getting a Bruce to say “Fish are friends, not food” in an English accent is just plain old fun. Oh, and I really Callum too.

  3. Well, if I wasn’t a Bruce Willis fan, I probably wouldn’t like the name at all. But ever since he first cracked wise on Moonlighting, I’ve been smitten. And I was youuuuuuuuung when Moonlighting was on. I love him – I have special fondness for the name, and I’d love to see a NotD on Bruce.

  4. Thanks for Bruce! I recently found out Bruce was one of his mother’s brothers, died in Korea.

    Green Lantern’s had several names , Alan Scott ((the Golden age Green Lantern), Hal Jordan (the one I’m most familiar with) and Kyle Rayner (the new one). I’ve seen Clark on at least three name lists recently, so I know there are folks thinking about it. But I doubt Clark’s going to skyrocket anytime soon. If Clark wan’t also the sname of the snooty town next door to where I grew up, Id happily name a boy Clark. I like hs snap! 🙂 Tell Uncle Bruce he’s got a fan of his name out here!

  5. Hmmm … I’ve been thinking about Bruce lately. It hadn’t even occurred to me to plumb the Bruce Wayne connection! As it happens, I have a favorite Uncle Bruce (actually my dad’s cousin) who I’m going to see next weekend. And after years of falling in popularity, Bruce actually gained more than 40 spots last year.

    So I’ll happily make Bruce my Name of the Day on August 20. But that does start me thinking … what was the Green Lantern’s real name? And is Clark ready for a comeback?

  6. I am thoroughly charmed by Callum MacLachlan. Lyon doesn’t do much for me, except hope it’s a family surname (again, too lazy to dig). My only thought is the same one I had when I considered Callum (and Malcolm) for myself. I have a Mac surname too, and that final M runs into the first one in the surname, just a bit. it bothers me enough to write ‘m’ enders off as first names, but it’s okay for them, I see. 🙂

    Anyone else wondering why Hollywood naming is starting to stray into decent territory again?

    I’ve also been thinking, when Gwyneth Paltrow had Moses, I completely expected her to go with her Dad’s name, Bruce, since little Apple got both Grandmas.. you know? I’ve been on a super-hero name kick lately and with Batman being in the theaters, Bruce has been on my mind. Interesting enough to be a NotD, perhaps? (or maybe just the old time super hero names?)

    All in all Callum Lyon MacLachlan is pretty awesome. Good Job!