Did I recently say there were no exciting celebrity births anticipated this summer? How could I forget Amy Poehler and Will Arnett?

They’ve welcomed son Abel James. Yes – Abel, a little brother for Archie.

Congratulations to the family! Readers, what do you think of the name Abel? Wonder if they’ll call him Abe

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What do you think?


  1. Oh, Abel is disappointing for me. Archie seemed perfectly light and charming for what must be a funny family. Abel sounds burdened to me. And I agree with the spareness of Abel’s full name compared to Archie’s.

  2. Archibald is not my style at all and I don’t think Archie sounds nice with Arnett, but I love William Emerson, and Abel James is cute. Just imagine how funny those boys will be!

  3. Bible story aside, Abel sounds too much like Able, so Abel James sounds like, “Able James”. I do prefer it to Archie, though; I know the latter has been quite popular in England for the last several years, but my associations with Archie Bunker and Archie Andrews are way too strong for me to consider it a good name. Plus, it’s a nickname. Abel isn’t so bad in other languages as it’s usually pronounced with an AH sound rather than a long A.

    1. I just double checked – Archie is Archibald. Archibald William Emerson – quite grand. Actually, it makes Abel James feel a little bit spare.

    2. Abel/Able does make for an interesting vibe. It makes the name almost Puritan – like Mercy or Resolve.

  4. I like Abel. I wouldn’t use it personally but when I saw their announcement, I thought it sounded right. I don’t get hung up on biblical roots though, so maybe I’m better able to divorce it from the story?

  5. @Julie – I like Albert much better than Abel. Also Alfred, if they were going for an A name. Even Abraham is a bit better than Abel.. as Sara said, kinda a tragic name… but gosh, I’m not religious and wouldn’t dream of naming my kid Cain – too awful an association – shocking that you have come across a FEW, let alone even one!

  6. I had a feeling they’d go with another “antique” name, but I thought it would be Albert or Abraham.

    I kind of like Abel, but I don’t really like it with Arnett (able or not?)