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  1. My name is Pilar. My Mother named me after her Aunt from Mexico. I am of mixed race desent. My father is African-American and my Mom is Spanish and Caucasian. I love my name and it futs me.

    I will say this…people have butchered my name to the fullest!! As a kid they would call me “Pillar” and most people prounounce my name “Pa-Lar”. I pronounce it..”Pee-Lahr” and will correct everyone..unless your a friend or relative. When I was a kid..I wanted a common name..but as an adult I have embraced my name and all of the uniqueness of it.

  2. I have always liked Pilar. She is strong and has a masculine edge yet is a legitimate feminine name. I wouldn’t use it myself, but have always found it pretty spiffy on other people, the nickname Pili is adorable to boot.

  3. Pilar is a name I’ve really liked ever since I first came across it in an Agatha Christie novel as a preteen. My husband and I would never use it — it would seem odd on our German/British/Metis offspring — but I’d love to meet a Pilar someday.

  4. I love Pilar 🙂
    I have no idea why, I just do. Ever since I first heard of her…

    There’s a Pilar on the tv show ‘Eureka!’… She’s friends with Zoe and not very Hispanic 🙂

  5. I’ve loved this name since seeing it in a Spanish text book back in 8th grade or so. For better or worse, I happened to have married a Mexican with some strong feelings about a lot of what I thought were beautiful Hispanic names… c’est la vie… 🙂 Needless to say, I haven’t been able to use Pilar.

  6. i think this is an interesting name. I like the sound. Its defiantly individualist. I think people would straight away think of the architectural link though, and therfore condemn it. I think I could use it though

  7. I like it, but wouldn’t use it. It doesn’t exactly go well with our whitey-white family. It would seem very out of place, no matter how pretty a sound it has. I really do like it.

    I’d like to suggest another Hispanic name, Bel

    1. Ooh, did you see The Orphanage? Laura was played by Belen … agh, what’s her last name? I’ll look it up before 1/12 – Belen will be NotD.

        1. It does, but I’m guessing that, as with all things Biblical, there’s more there. And The Orphanage was a super creepy horror film that also managed to break my heart. If you’re anything like me while pregnant, it is one to avoid – I bawled AND had nightmares. But, naturally, I remembered the leading lady’s name. 🙂

          Go Terps!

          1. I avoid creepy movies when Erik’s out of town for obvious reasons. Maybe I’ll check it out after the new year…or after the baby. Now I’m wondering why being pregnant would make it worse. Oh-oh, curiosity has reared its head!

          2. I know that when I was pregnant I couldn’t read/watch anything depressing — especially if it involved babies.