She’s deeply spiritual in two major religions – and undeniably pretty, too.

Thanks to Sassy for suggesting Fatima as Name of the Day.

Fatima conjures up images of the Middle East.

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  1. My name is Fatima, and I hate it so much. Please don’t give this name to your child! My father is a Pakistani Muslim, and my mother is an Irish Catholic, so my dad decided on giving me an Islamic name. I had depression from the time I was 11-15, and became obese as a result. My name certainly didn’t help me. Even when I was in elementary school, I was relentlessly bullied to the point of going by a different name. My teachers never bothered to learn how to pronounce my name, either. It’s not fun to see the disgusting look on their face when they take attendance on the first day of school! I chose Marina for myself and haven’t looked back since. I live in the US, and the first three letters give a dreadful first impression to any English speaker. Even though I’ve lost weight, people still have this “Fatty Fatima” image of me. The nicknames aren’t any better (Faaati, Tima, etc). And in case you haven’t noticed, FATIMA spells I AM FAT. Go for a more classic and easy to pronounce name… Trust me, it’ll save your child from a lifetime of misery.

    1. My heart breaks for you, Marina. I’m so glad you found a name that you love, and that feels like it suits you better.

  2. love, love love this name, probably my favorite girls name—and its pronounceable in most languages-important since we tend to move a lot.
    but on the off chance my child does her schooling in the US; I’ll probably pass– what if she has a weight problem–kids can be cruel. that said fah-ti is cute nickname to my ears.

  3. Looking through old entries and I came across this one. I love the name Fatima and always have. We’re religious and half of my family was entirely Muslim and so the name doesn’t strike me as odd and I hardly notice the Fat association since I know so much of the names history. I can understand how people who aren’t used to pronouncing it might cringe away from it but for someone who’s heard it and used it all her life, I think it’s lovely. I’m half Hispanic and half Pakistani and I do call girls who have the name Fatima Fah-ti for short. Not Fatty, but Fah ti. We also use Gordo and Flaco/Flaca as nn’s often and no one minds it.

    1. My neighbor calls his son Gordo – he’s from Ecuador – so I’m used to that one. Fah ti is a pretty sound, and Fatima is a graceful name, so it is good to hear it is wearable!

    2. Nicole – one of my best friends is Fatima and some of us call her Fah-ti. She used to be kind of nit-picky about people pronouncing her name (b/c it’s NOT Fa-teema) but now she says it’s better than people giving her a confused blank stare because they’ve never heard it
      🙂 I also have a few family members named Fatima. It’s a really beautiful name, especially for those of us as you said have heard it all our lives. I myself am Muslim, half Saudi and half Scots-English and I married a man whose heritage is mostly Scottish, so I’m always on the lookout for good crossover names! Omar is another good one that brothers really well with Fatima. All in all, I think that despite the ‘Fat’ association, Fatima is a great name!

  4. Yep, sorry – I’m another that just sees ‘FAT’ at the beginning! It’s a bit too unflattering for me.