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Becky and John are parents to Audrey Kate, and are expecting their second baby. It’s a boy! She writes:

My husband and I cannot agree on a name. We know the middle name is Magner (family obligation) and our last name sounds like Ryder-with-an-L. While I don’t hate Magner, it just bothers me that it ends in the -er sound and the flow of Magner Ryder-with-an-L is funky.

To make matters worse, many of the names we like end in -er, and I can’t stomach him having a triple -er name.

John’s short list includes Weber, Fletcher, Parker, Tripp, Clark, Truman, and Richard. My list is Rhett, James, and William.

John thinks James and William are too common. I won’t use Richard because of the possible nickname Dick.

I love Archer, Walter, and Carter, but won’t use them because of the repeating -er dilemma.

Can you please help us common up with a name that is classic, strong, and works for a boy as well as man? Thanks in advance!

Please read on for my answer – and share your ideas and thoughtful comments, too!

A Brother for Audrey KateHi Becky,

So many parents find themselves in your shoes! There are great names that we love, love, love but just don’t fit with our families. I had Mariel on my girls’ list for ages. Until I married a wonderful man with the last name Sandel. Mariel Sandel … no. Sigh.

I think ends in -r names are the same situation for you. Maybe if it wasn’t the middle and the last. And maybe if they weren’t all two syllables. Parker Ryder-with-an-L, maybe. But Parker Magner Ryder-with-an-L? It sounds more like a corporation than a child! I couldn’t do it.

Let’s drop Richard since that’s a definite no for you. And then let’s drop all of the ends in -r names from both of your lists. That leaves us with:

  • James and William – Great, classic names – but too popular for John’s taste.
  • Rhett, Clark, Tripp – All single syllable names that feel very cool and current in 2015. They’re all ranked in the US Top 1000, but all are pretty uncommon – above 500, as of this writing. (New data is expected any day now!)
  • Truman – A great surname name ranked #947 in 2013. It has the same style as many of your other favorite choices, but without the problematic -er ending.

Maybe you’re divided because none of those names quite deliver what you’ve described – a name that is familiar, but not too common. Any of them could be a brother for Audrey Kate, but none of them is quite what springs to mind.

Let’s take a look at name that might work, going from most popular to least:

  • Alexander – #8, rising. This name is probably too popular to consider, but I’m adding it for two reasons. First, it’s the very definition of a strong name for a son (Alexander the Great!), and it’s a great example of how an ends in -er name might work. Alexander Magner Ryder-with-an-L. Alex Ryder-with-an-L. Another name along these lines is Oliver. 
  • Henry – #37, rising. Another strong classic, but less common than William and James. Retro nickname Hank is great, but there’s no need to use it. Henry Magner Ryder-with-an-L, Henry and Audrey.
  • Carson – #90, falling. My first thought. It takes your Carter, but gives it an ending that works your middle and last names.
  • Declan – #121 and rising. Declan isn’t a surname – it’s Irish – but it fits with the two-syllable, ends-in-n sound of Carson and company. Declan Magner Ryder-with-an-L, Audrey and Declan. Another possibility along the same lines? Duncan.
  • Jude – #162 and flat. I think I’ve heard Audrey and Jude as a sibling combination before. Jude feels like a more common alternative to Tripp and Rhett. It’s less Southern, very stylish, and works well with your last name.
  • Axel – #167 and falling. Maybe it’s my suggestion of Alexander that made me think of Axel. Or maybe I’m tempted by ends-with-el names, even though your last name starts with L. Gabriel kept coming to mind – but at #24, it has the same challenges as some of the other names on this list. Axel ranked #167 in 2013. It’s a cool, edgy, strong name for a boy, but also one with plenty of history. Audrey and Axel, Axel Magner Ryder-with-an-L.
  • Theodore – #170 and rising. One of my first thoughts was Leo, but since your last name starts with an L, I dropped it. Plus, Theodore is a strong formal name possibility. Theodore Magner Ryder-with-an-L, Theo Ryder-with-an-L, Audrey and Theo. My favorite sibset so far, I think!
  • Emmett – #173 and rising. Emmett has Rhett’s -ett ending. So do Bennett and Beckett and Abbot and Garrett, but somehow I think Emmett sounds best with Audrey.
  • Everett – #189 and rising. Like Emmett, only longer! (See my note on Donovan, below.) Everett Magner Ryder-with-an-L, Audrey and Everett.
  • Donovan – #281, falling. A longer first name might work well with Magner Ryder-with-an-L. Donovan feels vaguely traditional – we all know men named Don, right? But it’s definitely more popular today than ever before. And if you wanted a nickname, I wouldn’t use Don – I’d go with Van. Audrey and Donovan, Audrey and Van. Two more in this category: Cameron and Julian.

From your lists, I love James and Truman. But I can see that there’s some distance between the two styles. From my list, I really love Everett, Carson, and Jude for your family.

What names would you suggest for Audrey Kate’s brother?

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  1. I don’t have any additional suggestions, but I like a three syllable name with the middle and surname!

  2. From the list above, Henry and Theodore are my favourites. I think they go really well with Audrey. I also really like the suggestion of Elliot from the comments.

    Other suggestions: Cameron, Ronan, and Brendan.

  3. Thank you for the ideas! Of course we each like different names from this list…. I like Theodore, Everett and Garrett best, he likes Henry 🙂 I also like Harrison a lot but feel like it’s a mouthful to say so often, and Harry just doesn’t have that same ring to me. We’re getting closer, Keep the comments coming!

  4. I love Audrey and Henry, and Audrey and Theodore, and I think they sound nice with your surname.

  5. I think a three syllable first name takes away from the two ‘r’ sounds. Also, a -son name goes well. Harrison Magner L-der. Or Jamisen Magner L-der. Many people use family names as first names and call him by the middle, and then you could use one of the names you picked out. Magner Rhett L-der.

  6. I like Everett for you too! Bonus, you can use Rhett as a nickname if you want =)

  7. I think one of the reasons Audrey works so well is that it has a MIDDLE r – which creates a nice flow. The final r of the last name sort of punctuates the name then. And so for a baby boy in addition to Everett, I suggest: Harrison, Henry, Forrest, Thornton.

    I also really like the W names – you have both Walter and William. What about Whitman, Webb, Wesley?