Most Popular Baby Names 2019The most popular baby names 2019 update is here!

The US Social Security Administration has released their name data for births between January 1 and December 31, 2018.

The big stories?

The Top Ten

As I guessed, Emma and Liam held on to the top spots. Not because they’re still wildly popular – Emma actually fell in terms of total births – but because nothing has come along to replace them. Yet.

The #2 names, Noah and Olivia, held on, too.

On the boys’ side, Lucas entered the Top Ten, just like I predicted.

But the girls’ list was kind of a yawn. Harper returned to the Top Ten, but really it just switched places with Abigail. Most names were pretty much flat.

The Top 100

A number of my favorites entered the US Top 100, including:

  • Isla at #82
  • Ivy at #86
  • Emery at #92 for the girls …
  • And for the boys, Everett at #95
  • Miles at #98

The Top 1000

Here’s where the real fun begins! I’ll do a fuller Trendwatch report later, but for now:

  • Baker entered the boys’ list at #712
  • Boden at #949
  • Idris at #956
  • Zev at #975
  • Torin at #980
  • Benedict at #981
  • As for the girls, Palmer debuted on the girls’ list at #679
  • Promise at #908
  • Bellamy at #962
  • Scout at #976
  • Zora at #982

Random Finds

  • Bowie also cracked the boys’ Top 1000. It looks like most of the Bo/Beau names are doing well.
  • Harlem debuted in the boys’ Top 1000, a new place name possibility.
  • Is this a Scarlett spin-off? Arlette returned to the Top 1000 and now ranks #892 in the US, the name’s best showing since the 1970s.
  • We do love our night sky names for girls! Look at the rise in Luna, Aurora, and Nova, along with a modest jump for Stella.
  • Baby names from Game of Thrones are still going strong. Khaleesi is up about 80 spots and Arya is just outside of the current Top 100.

I’ll have more stories over the next few weeks – and please share your comments about what pops out at you as you look at ALL the new data!

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  1. One of my friends told me about her new grandson’s name… Baker! It was so pleasant to hear for the first time. And now I see it’s entered the top 1000. We do love occupation names, don’t we?

    I intend to go hunt down all my kids’ names next!

  2. I’d say Liam is widly popular, it had the 2nd biggest increase in terms of total births.

    Luna is definitely a top10 contender.

    Onyx is such a great new addition on the boys side.

    Palmer, where did it come from? Speaking of crazy rises, where did Genesis come from? No way parents love to give boys hugely popular girl names (look at Emery and Harper on boys), so this is surprising.

    I predicted some of the entries, like Bellamy, although I expected it to debut for both genders – still looking at the raw numbers it had a bigger increase for boys last year but wasnt enough for a top1000 entry. I’d expect next year to be certain.

    Shocked at Bodhi falling, was thinking it would be one of the hot boy names. Maybe just a hiccup?

    1. Palmer probably came from Southern Charm. A girl on the show (Cameron) had her daughter named Palmer last year.

  3. I know someone who named their daughter Arletter last year.

    Did you notice that Meghan jumped a lot?