Great Halloween Baby Names Contest 2019: Boys FinalTime for the final round in the boys’ Great Halloween Baby Names Contest 2019!

Your votes have narrowed it down to just two names left. But before we get to the very last contest of the season, let’s take a look back at where we’ve been.

All of this year’s contestants are drawn from Vampire Diaries, as well as the series’ two spin-offs, The Originals and Legacies. But it’s not about the characters; it’s about the names of the characters.

There are dozens of choices, many of which have enjoyed a bump in use thanks to the show featuring all sorts of supernatural goings-on.

You won’t see Damon or Stefan – the vampire brothers at the heart of the original show – in the contest. But you will find two very handsome names that survived to very last match.

Here’s how the final contest shook out:

  • In the most recent round, Spanish Rafael beat out Irish Finn and French Lucien by a healthy margin, garnering just over 40% of the vote. At #258, Rafael ranks higher than the Raphael spelling. It’s sleek, European, and sophisticated. To review the name’s supernatural backstory, we met Rafael on the first season of Legacies. He’s a werewolf, and a student at the Salvatore School.
  • The second contest saw Enzo triumphing, with nearly 39% of the vote against Beau and Atticus. The Italian name is often short for Lorenzo, and that’s the case in Vampire Diaries. He’s another vampire, first born in the late nineteenth century, and a rival to Damon over time.

That means that Rafael and Enzo will compete for the crown in the Great Halloween Baby Names Contest 2019. Both feel handsome and a little bit mysterious, the kinds of names that belong on a series about supernatural drama. And yet they’re not out of place on a modern playground, either.

In fact, both names rank in the current US Top 1000 – Rafael at #258, and Enzo at #228. (Though Lorenzo comes in at #174.)

And so now … let’s vote!


The winner is up to you!


Voting remains open through Thursday, October 24th. Check back for the winners next Saturday, October 26th.

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