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  1. I guess I’m the only one who is reminded of Venereal?

    Also, I was definitely reading it in the German style. Less awkward to me somehow.

  2. OK, off-topic, but women on my birth board were talking names (yes, I’m pregnant again — due next April), and one woman announced that if her child ends up being a boy he will be Lecandro Ezequel (girl’s name undecided). The woman right after her plans on christening her little tyke Acen if he’s a boy, Kinsley if it’s a girl. Names are such fascinating things!

    1. Congratulations, Charlotte – how exciting!

      Lecandro is strangely appealing. Acen? Is that like Jason without the J? Interesting …

      1. I’ve been seeing Acen on several boards… yes, as in Jason. I find it somewhat odd… I wonder where it’s coming from. Does anyone know?

        1. Ace is also climbing up the charts, so it could just be a combo that everyone is thinking up at the same time …

  3. I love Verena! This is a name I’ve toyed with in the past and since it’s still uncommon, I could “force” people to use the German pronunciation and therefore the nickname Reyna. Very pretty and soft…

  4. Its quite pretty-But I don’t really need another V name to add to my already long list! I am Vera is growing on me, and Verity is one of my favorites. I think Verena would be a nice substitute for Serena, a name I love but can’t use. And Vera would make a cute nickname.

  5. This name is pretty, and would be a neat way to honour my mother, Vera, but I’m a bit confused as to its pronunciation. Is it ver-EE-na, vair-AYE-na, fair-AYE-na, or something completely different? I suppose it depends somewhat on how German you want it to be. Oh well, we already used up our ends-in-a option — I will not break my arbitrary rule on name endings!

    1. The pronunciation question? Yes.

      I’ve seen references to all three of your suggested pronunciations and more. With any rare name, it will be up to the parents to choose and explain a pronunciation, preferably one that isn’t at odds with the intuitive pronunciation of the place they’re raising their child. So fair AYE na would be a stretch, but the first two perfectly possible.

      And Sebastiane’s note about the German veh REN uh raises another authentic option. IMHO, that’s the prettiest of the choices – but I suspect it is also not what most people would guess.

  6. I had never heard of this name before, but I have got to say I am really liking it! It reminds me of my mother’s name (Tina) and my grandmother’s name (Elvera, she went by Vera) which makes it seem familiar and yet different and pretty. I am pronouncing it Veh-REE-nah, I hope that’s right!

  7. I have a soft spot for Verena. As a child, I just loved the story of the saint and its Swiss heritage. I finally met a girl with the name, and I really disliked her and the way she pronounced. I don’t think I’d ever use it, needless to say, I am quite excited she is the BNOTD.