The work of a student of Arabic calligraphy, u...
Arabic calligraphy; Image via Wikipedia

She’s an Arabic option with heroic overtones.

Thanks to Abbey for suggesting one she’s considering for her baby-on-the-way.

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  1. I live in a city with a ginormous East Asian population (Vancouver) and I wouldn’t bat an eye if I ran into a baby Naila/Nahla/Nyla or an adult one for that matter. Large Sikh and Hindu populations too.

  2. My sisters have a friend named Naila, I believe her family is of Indian descent. She pronounces it Nyla and I don’t think she’s ever had issues with it. While I do think the Nyla spelling sacrifices something, I don’t think it’s as drastic a respelling as say Shavon for Siobhan. I think Naila is probably better only if parents want to emphasize the 3 syllable prn, which I happen to like best though it’s hardest to say in English (and even then you’re best off with “Na’ila” which looks hideous imho). It’s so funny that I’ve never even thought of the “Nail-uh” thing! Naila is pretty, but if I’m going to have people stumble over our kids names it’ll be for a name we LOVE.