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Thanks to Kelleita for suggesting Lourdes as Baby Name of the Day.

When the Material Girl was expecting in 1996, the starbaby craze was early days.

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  1. Today, February 11 is Lourdes’ names day :)-
    MY names day. I love being Lourdes! ❤️
    I pronounce Lourdes as one syllable – “lurds”

  2. My mother is Lourdes. I am a Lourdes. I don’t care if Madonna named her child Lourdes or Magnificent Poop nor do I care how people pronounce this name. It’s a hugely popular name in all of Mexico and South America and it’s pronounced loure-des. It sounds nicer in Espa

  3. Better late, as they say! I’ve always loved Lourdes and have known a few my entire life. It’s true, I do see it as leaning towards the Latina side of things but then, that’s because I’m Hispanic and every Lourdes I’ve ever met is as well. I also love religious names. Most names that I’ve come across that honor the Virgin Mary are lovely in my book!