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  1. I have liked Livia since I heard in I, Claudius as a kid, but the similarity to Olivia put me off of it. Olivia was not popular when I had my older kids, but it was very strongly associated in my mind with Olivia from Sesame Street from when I was a kid. I am not sure if that was before the time of a lot of the moms around here, though.

    I do have a Lilia, which is both “like Lily, but with an A” and “like Lillian, without the N,” so we feel the pain of “like Olivia, but without the O.” It’s no big deal, really, and people generally love her name once they get it, but if she were a less self-assured girl, I can see where she might be upset by it. (Luckily, she’s a walking boatload of self-confidence.)

    1. Oh, of course – Olivia on Sesame Street! She appeared from 1977 through 1988 – thanks IMDB – so that’s a lot of this generation’s moms, though you’re right – probably not all.

  2. Wanted to add that oddly enough, the E names I really like are Elodie and Everly. So I might end up saying “Like Melody, but without the M” or “like Beverly, but without the B”… Oy.

    1. Haha, I think you should totally pick one of those because of that! My oldest daughter has to say, “No, not Makayla, Makailyn”. She’s 9 now. When I was pregnant with my second one and thought of Livienne, part of the appeal was that she will also have a name that she will have to correct. I felt like it made them a good sib set even though I hate it for my oldest that she has to do that. But she assured me that she doesn’t mind and neither will her sis 🙂

      As far as which E to go with, I think Elodie goes great with Livia. I loved Everly too when I was pregnant but hate Beverly. Every time I said I was thinking of Everly, I got, Beverly?? It just ruined it. I love the way Elodie flows and sounds. I like that they are both 3 syllables too. So are my girls. I also had my second in Nov ( ’10). Best wishes with your new baby!

      1. P.S. I just looked at her pics and oh my goodness, she is gorgeous! You are so blessed!

  3. Hi! I’m the Casie that suggested the name and my 3 year old daughter is a Livia. We love the name. Girl names were a total struggle for me and because of Olivia’s popularity I didn’t even consider it. But in my mind a person named Olivia has a completely different personality than a person named Livia. Yes we are constantly correcting people when we tell them her name and they respond “Olivia?” but it’s easy enough to say “no, it’s Livia, without the O” and then they have it and usually comment on how pretty a name it is.

    Now we’re due in November with #2 and I’m struggling to find more options that have a solid history (not made up), but still sound modern and still aren’t super popular. Sigh. I’m really drawn to E names for girls though.

    You can see my adorable Livia here 🙂

  4. I really like it. I considered it when I was pregnant since I LOVE the name Liv but my last name is one syllable so I needed something longer. Didn’t want anything popular either so Olivia was out and Olive just wasn’t my style so I gave it a french twist, Livienne. She gets away with not having to say,” no, not Olivia, Livia” BUT I bet she’ll have to say,” no, not Vivienne, Livienne”. haha

  5. I can’t stand Olivia, and I don’t like Livia any better. Livia has everything I despise of Olivia, with the added benefit that it reminds me of liver.

  6. I have to agree with everyone else – Livia’s too close to Olivia. However, I’ve been rewatching the HBO series Rome, so I’m definitely seeing Livia as Octavian’s wife…not a small child saying ‘it’s just Livia, no O’ 🙂