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  1. I’d really love to see this post, but the text doesn’t seem to be displaying right now…Help!

  2. Oooh, loverly name! I think I prefer the French pronunciation personally, but even in English Heloise sounds glorious. Too bad mean kids would pick up on the first syllable, but I think that could be overcome. Isn’t there a dog named Heloise in _I Capture the Castle_? I believe it’s named for the famous historical figure.

  3. I prefer Heloise to Eloise. The “H” gives the name an edgier sound and distinguish it from the pack of names that lend themselves to the nicknames Ella and Ellie.

    Abby, you left out the story of perhaps the first “crazy” celebrity baby name. Heloise and Adelard named their son Astrolabe… after the astronomical instrument. I suppose today they’d name a child Hadron.